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Use original boot configuration greyed out in Windows 10

I recently found that I was unable to make changes to System Configuration or MSConfig. Every time I made some changes, the options reverted back and no changes were kept after restarting my Windows 10 computer. I could not use Normal startup. The Selective startup option was checked and the Use original boot configuration was greyed out!

Use original boot configuration greyed out

Well the solution for this is quite simple, and this is what I did to fix the problem.

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I downloaded and used Dual Boot Repair Tool. It is a freeware that allows you to repair Boot Configuration Data for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 in a click. The tool lets you Backup & Restore BCD, Repair BCD and more. If you are unsure about any of these options, it is best to use the Automatic Repair option which is much safer compared to the other commands.

Once you have downloaded this tool and run its executable file, you will see the following UI. Click on the Automatic Repair option. That is what I did.

You will be shown another screen and asked to confirm your decision. Clicking on OK will start the repair process.

Once the job is done, you will see a Automatic Repair Successful message.

Restart your computer and see the results.

I could see that my problem was resolved and the Use original boot configuration was no longer greyed out!

This procedure helped me and I hope it helps you too.

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