How to update Microsoft Office manually


  1. ^^ Please navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice15.0Word in registry editor.

    Export the subkeys Data and Options and delete these two. Reboot, check if problem persists.

  2. Saw that in the Microsoft support page, did that and no use. I installed a plugin for office and that might be the cause, but for me to disable that Office has to open in the first place 🙁 Thanks for getting back though.

  3. I did try again three times and again now. It doesn’t work for me. There’s nothing there other than about.

  4. Same. I only have About.
    I’m assuming that Office has palmed off all updates on to Windows Update.
    Sure enough.. a heap of updates for office if I run Windows Update.

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  6. You most likely set up office to update “automatically”. I put it in quotes because most versions of word (when installed) are set to update with your computer’s system (and mine was set that way as well). The problem is, office only updates if you have windows update constantly updating your computer on a regular basis (which it normally doesn’t).

    In order to get to update office, go to windows update on your computer, check for updates (and there should be some).Then you’ll have the option to install said updates and the option to view them. You can view them if you like, you’ll see that a lot of them will be Microsoft Office 2013 updates. Next, click install updates and then office should be updated (and that’s how you update office).

    Hopefully this helped.

  7. Everything updates automatically and all updates Microsoft Office are installed automatically for me. I always set it that way.

    So if we select automatic updates in this way we can’t do a manual update through Office?

    That suggests an edit to the article would be a good idea to indicate this but as I know nothing is wrong I’m not worried.

    Thank you for the post.

  8. Click-to-run installations behaves like described in this blog post. Msi installations does not have the update option the blog post talks about.

  9. I don’t understand what you mean by “click-to-run installations”. Also don’t get “Msi installtions does not have the update option…”

    We are talking about an installed product here are we not? Not one we are trying to install but one that has been installed. This means I don’t get what you are trying to say.

    For me Microsoft office was installed from a download from Microsoft and the valid key was entered. There has never been an option to update from within Office for me in any version and from the previous posts I’m assuming that this is because auto update is enabled through Windows Update.

    However… Just to complicate this I’ve noticed that since Windows 7 (and Windows 8.1) are frustratingly forcing me to select Windows Update options at every logon I can now access the update options from within Word. But I’ve also replaced the 32bit version that was installed with the 64bit version so wondering if that was part of it.

    NOTE: Action centre reports Windows Updates are set to never install and every time I change it to automatic and it keeps changing back to never. Don’t know why…

  10. Paul, might I suggest a little google work? Usually, if one doesn’t understand something, one should look it up before giving it large. the very abridged version of this is any office which isn’t ‘Office 2013 Standard’ or ‘Office 2013 Professional’ is click to run. ‘Office 2013 Standard’ and ‘Office 2013 Professional’ are VLK versions and are MSI based. thus ‘MSI installations does (sic) not have the update option the blog post talks about’

  11. There are two types of Office 2013 installations. That Update button in Account page is available only to Click and Run installs of Office 2013, by default. You don’t have it, most likely because you’re using the setup / msi version of Office installer, just like me. To get the update settings, you need to install Office 2013 Administrative Template files (ADMX/ADML) and Office Customization Tool, and then you can access those features. The thing is that setup / msi installs are for IT admins, thus the more complicated setup of the msi installer and additional tools, and it’s not for home users, for whom click and run is better suited.

  12. no update option in account page. after HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoft.. ‘office’ is not available

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