How to unpin a group of Tiles or Folders from Windows 10 Start Menu

Pinning several tiles in Windows 10 is super easy, and the same can be said for unpinning tiles one-by-one. However, what if you’re the type of person with several tiles that you would prefer to get rid of with just one single swoop? This is very important because manually removing one tile after another is very tiring, and as such, removing a group of tiles in a single go is a much better way to get things done. Now, some might be saying to themselves that this is not possible at all, and to that we say, you are wrong.

The current Start Menu in Windows 10 as we speak, comes with many pinned tiles as default. The most important are the Mail app, Microsoft Edge, Xbox, Maps, Calculator, and more. It’s pretty straightforward and lacks clutter, but by the time the user begins to take advantage of it, it’ll become a cluttered mess, of course.

The chances are, you have grouped some of your tiles together, and now you want them gone. Now, since they’ve been grouped together already, then there’s no reason to remove them one after the other. Simply remove the group or folder, and the tiles will follow.

Unpin a group of Tiles or Folders from Windows 10 Start Menu

The task at hand is very easy; therefore, we do not expect you to have any major problems with getting things done in a timely fashion

1] How to unpin a group of tiles

How to Unpin a group of Tiles for Windows 10 Start Menu

First, the user must click on the Windows key on the keyboard, or click on the button at the bottom-left section of your screen. This should fire up the start menu with all of the tiles, groups, and folders at your fingertips.

Locate the group name and right-click on it, then click on the option that says Unpin Group from Start. Doing this will remove all apps in the group no matter the number – so make sure this is what you want to do before moving forward.

2] How to unpin group of folders

Again, press the Windows key on the keyboard or click on the Windows button at the bottom-left corner of your screen. Once the Start Menu is up and running, its then time to right-click on the folders name, then select Unpin folder from Start.

Doing this will get rid of all apps under the folder along with the folder itself.

Now, make sure there aren’t any important apps laying about in the folder because you’ll have to add them again at a later date, or right away if that’s what you want.

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