UniShare lets you share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at once

If you are a student, businessman, writer or anything else, you must definitely be using various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes it becomes quite challenging to manage all the account from one device. However, UniShare, which is a free Windows UWP app lets you share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from one panel. Instead of opening multiple tabs, you can head over to this app, which will let you share text update on those mentioned social networking sites simultaneously. To get started, here are some steps you need to follow to set it up correctly.

Using UniShare Windows app

To get started, you need to download UniShare for Windows from the Microsoft Store. One you open it, you will see a window like this-


First, you need to add accounts. For that, switch from Sharing tab to Networks tab and click on Add account after selecting a social networking site.

Next, you need to enter valid account credentials and authorize this app to access your account. Without permission, it won’t be able to share anything on your profile.

Share on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn at once

To share anything, you need to go to the Sharing tab, write down your text, select social networking account/s and click the Send button.

Share on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn at once

Within moments, it will post the update on your selected profile.

For your information, you can use your Bit.ly account to shorten your links. Instead of sharing the original link, you can convert the full URL into a Bit.ly link.

Drawback of UniShare

Apart from having some advantages, it comes with some disadvantages as well. For example-

  • You cannot add more than one accounts of each social networking site. For instance, if you have multiple Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn account for business and personal usage, you cannot add them both. To enable this feature, you need to opt for the PRO version.
  • You cannot share on Facebook Pages or Groups. It is possible to post only on Facebook profile.
  • You cannot upload images. Only text and link sharing are possible.

If you consider everything, this seems to be a useful tool for regular people, who have only one account of each social networking site and want to share something frequently. If you like it, you can download this app from Microsoft Store.

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