UltraDefrag: Open Source Disk Defragmentation tool for Windows

In the layman’s words, the computer’s hard disk is composed of small fragments in which the data is stored, over time as we change, delete or create files the data gets fragmented and is saved into different fragments though it appears to be the same file. Fragmentation can slow down your Windows PC because the computer will have to look into many fragments for loading up a single file. Read more here about what is file fragmentation and how does it occur in Windows. Disk defragmentation tools unite the data and try to possibly keep them in the same fragments, so that the computer performs efficiently.

UltraDefrag review

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UltraDefrag is a powerful open source disk defragmentation software that lets you analyse and perform defragmentation on your computer. Other than defragmentation, UltraDefrag also lets you optimize hard disk for better performance. CurrentlyFAT, exFAT and NTFS file systems are supported which are very common these days.

Before starting the defragmentation process, you must analyse the hard disk by pressing the analyse button from the toolbar, hard disk analysis can make you familiar with the distribution of files on the disk. It would show you the number of files, folders and will also display the number of fragmented and compressed files.

After the disk analysis you can go for the defragmentation process, before starting it you must note that it may take a few minutes to complete if there are lots of fragmented files it may take more time. After the completion of the defragmentation process, you may experience a slight performance change in the computer, the performance will be enhanced and the computer will be more optimised.

UltraDefrag comes with a built-in optimization feature, under the quick optimization feature the program will specifically work upon the fragmented areas and in full optimization the program will work upon all the files present in hard disk.

In NTFS, all the file details are stored as metadata in Master File Table also known as MFT. UltraDefrag lets you optimize this MFT for the best performance of the hard disk.

The user-friendly interface makes the program easiest to operate and the hassle free setup makes the program more user friendly. UltraDefrag doesn’t require any configurations, it is a simple install and run tool so even a non-technical users can easily use it.

UltraDefrag is separately available for 32 Bit and 64 Bit platforms, and if your computer is running on Intel Itanium processor you can download a special version of the software designed for the Intel Itanium processor.

UltraDefrag download

Click here to download UltraDefrag.

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