Tweak Taskbar Button & Thumbnail sizes with W7 Taskbar Tweaker


  1. I`m sorry but your prog has some serious bugs to fix. For me it didn’t work to adjust the size of taskbar buttos and since using your prog the font size of thumbnails reduced so much that right now i’m unable to read them. I can restore the default settings since using this prog. Can you please tell me how to restore default?

  2. GMat: I apologize. I didn’t realize this app was still up and I have since merged this with a larger application with correct formatting. Shoot me an email to and I’ll send you the default registry file to fix it.

  3. This app is being taken down as its functionality has been further improved upon and it has been integrated with Ultimate Windows Customizer. You might to therefore download Ultimate Windows Customizer instead.

    If you still wish to give feedback or discuss this app please visit TWC Forum Feedback Thread.

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