How to transfer ownership of files and folders in Google Drive

When you create any files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, or upload into Google Drive, Google makes you the owner, by default. That said, you can invariably transfer ownership of your Google Drive files (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) and folders to anyone you like, as long as that person has an email address. This way you can change ownership of a large number of files and folders in Google Drive.

Let’s get to know the method of transferring ownership of files and folders in Google Drive.

Transfer ownership of files & folders in Google Drive

Open Google App Launcher and go to Google Drive web application.

Once there, log in with your Google credentials (email and password).

Next search for the file/folder whose ownership you want to be transferred. Then, find and click on Share visible in the upper region of the screen. If the file is shared by someone already, you can skip this step.

Transfer ownership of files & folders in Google Drive

Now, in the sharing screen that opens, enter the Email address of the person to whom you would want to transfer the ownership of the file/folder.


Once shared, hit the Send button to send the person, a mail with a link attached alongside it.

This readily gives the person, access to the shared file or folder.

Once the file or folder is shared, click on the Share icon once again

In the ‘Share with others’ screen that opens, click on the ‘Advanced’ link.


Thereafter, under the ‘Sharing Settings’ screen, find the person to whom you want to transfer the ownership of the file.

Try finding him under ‘Who has access’ option by clicking on the drop down menu associated with the Edit icon.

When found, choose Is owner from the list of options and hit the Save Changes button.

If prompted to confirm the action, agree and proceed to the next step. The new person who has access to your file/folder now also becomes its owner. The person can remove your access to the file/folder.


Please note that you can’t make a person outside your domain, the owner of your Google Doc. Only Google Apps customers can transfer ownership of a synced or uploaded file (like a PDF or image file).

In my next post, we will see how to set an Auto-Expiration Date for your Google Drive files & folders.

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