TileIconifier lets you customize Start Menu tiles and create custom shortcuts

TileIconifier is a great tool for Windows 10 that lets you create custom tiles for any application. You can customize colors, foreground text and many other similar settings. In addition to custom tiles, you can create custom shortcuts as well. The tool is free to download, and it is open sourced. You can easily find the executable and code on GitHub.

TileIconifier Review

To get started, if you run the 32-bit variant of the application on a 64-bit system then you may face an error and a few features may not work, but that is nothing to worry about. Once it is running, the program may take a while to load the list of available shortcuts. Now you can select the application for which you want to customize the tile.


You can choose a different icon image for both medium sized and small sized tiles. The image can be manually selected from your computer, or the application’s icon can be directly used.

There are basic image editing features available that let a user decide the size of the icon and align it on the tile. The settings for both medium and small sized tiles can be made separately.

The background color for a tile can also be changed; there is a list of common colors available or a custom hex code can also be entered.

The foreground text settings for a medium sized tile too can be changed. Foreground text can be completely disabled or enabled. Moreover, the text color can be switched between white and black.

Create custom Start menu tiles & Desktop shortcuts

Once you are done with customizing all the settings for your Tile, hit the “Tile Iconify” button. The settings will be instantaneously applied.

TileIconifier keeps a record of the Tiles which have been modified so that next time you start the tool it can provide you relevant information. It also provides a ‘Reset’ button for tiles which have been previously modified using the tool. Also, the tool can show you the pinned status of a particular shortcut – but that requires PowerShell commands – and if your computer’s architecture is different from the one for which the application was built, the feature may not work. It is therefore recommended to download the application for your system’s architecture specifications.

There is an inbuilt feature that can create custom shortcuts for applications. This feature comes handy when you want to duplicate a shortcut and also want the original one to be there. Custom created shortcuts can be found under TileIconifier folder in start menu.

TileIconifier overall makes up a great customization tool for Windows 10/8.1/8. The features are designed and placed well, and the levels of customization the tool offers are simply amazing.

Click here to download TileIconifier. It is filled with great features but getting familiar with all of them may take a while.

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