The Windows Club gets a new look – Feedback welcome!


  1. I love it! 😀
    Very minimalist and way faster on Google Chrome! Nice work to you (for making the decision) and Nirbhay Mandelia (for putting your ideas into practice)!

  2. At first I thought I was on the wrong site. Once I saw the headline I was relieved that you had not faded away. The new site looks streamlined, not cluttered and easy to navigate. Good work.

    Guy in Victoria

  3. Sir I really Like this new look of TWC 🙂 Now just waiting for the new look of TGC 🙂 …

  4. I like the look of it so far but my website design was inspired by the WinVistaClub website. I don’t believe that load times have that much affect on your page rating. Lets stop catering to that finicky googlebot.

  5. Cool. Yes much similar to TGC theme and obviously TWC needed it. The minimalist look and the easy-to-read makes TWC more authentic. Now for TGC I think the bold red color goes better than TWC’s authoritative blue. Else HTML5 is the best 🙂 (if your user base is much less in IE).

  6. I wish there were some kind of (simple) background. All of this white is hard on my eyes!

  7. It makes a very refreshing change. And yes, the content loads faster than the old theme. Great!

  8. Hi Kelyn, Guy, Robellyn, Lee, Vishal, Ash, Luis, Goran, Vodomar, Satyam, Aleksandar, Shyam, Blanker, Paras, Vasudev, Philip for appreciating the change.

    Tanmay, Acmeous: Yes it should be ported to TGC too soon. The navbar will ofcourse continue to remain red there.

    Mike: Although a toolbar can prove to be useful, many consider it as a nuisance. Plus it adds to the load time.

    Nikola: You will surprised at the low Internet speeds which some countries continue to have. Anyway its always a good idea to have a webpage load faster. Everyone likes that.

    Jjenkins: It may not be possible to go back to the old format. What did you like in the earlier theme? What else would you like to see now?

    Ashley: Yes the search broke for a day, but its fixed now.

    Jonaxle: Yes a floating widget is a nice idea. But we have put the share buttons before and after the post. But let me take this under consideration.

    redk9258: I understand, white can be bright for the eyes at times. In fact even I prefer a dimmer screen and at times even use Dimmer.

    jimsing59: Thanks for acknowledging that WVC/TWC design had inspired your website design. Webpage speed is definitely one of the parameters now, but that apart, in some countries where Internet speeds are slow, TWC did take a little extra time to load – so I thought why not just go ahead and get a lighter theme.

    Nirmal: Yes, a logo re-design is on the cards and should be done soon.

    Rustysam: The navigation basically remains the same, just that the UI is cleaner and there are a lot of under-the-hood changes.


  9. Nice minimalist theme and looks good and very much readable. One thing I would really love to see is a better logo, get it done by a designer, wont cost much.

  10. This is something supercool.. the loading time is so nice.. I got a chance to check it on a dial up connection somewhere, and TWC was loading so well on that 16KBps connection also.. Nice job Nirbhay..

  11. This is something supercool.. the loading time is so nice.. I got a chance to check it on a dial up connection somewhere, and TWC was loading so well on that 16KBps connection also.. Nice job Nirbhay..

  12. I became not only surprised but very pleased when I saw this new design yesterday. I do like this clean look. Loads much faster, too and that’s good.

    Thumbs up for Nirbhay Mandelia’s design.

  13. ErnieK here
    When I tried to post I get message saying something is stopping me from posting so it looks as though I am restricted in posting unless I sign-up for one of the so called social networking sites. I am proud to say that I have never even looked at one and have no intention of doing so. I guess I will have to change my morning habits now and give TWC a miss. I enjoy reading, and occasionally posting but being forced to join a social network site for me is a no-no. I sincerely hope that I am wrong in this supposition.

    As for the new look when I first saw it yesterday I thought my browsers had gone wonky and something was wrong. So tried it on a different PC with same result. I LIKE IT. Cleaner and fresher in looks as well as easier to read. Pity about the restriction now imposed.

    BRING BACK the old system of posting, where name and e-mail address had to be given.

  14. Love it, much better, I really hated the old design. I might come back and use the forum more now 🙂

  15. Hi ErnieK, No there are no additional restrictions – but additional options. You dont have to register anywhere, You can still post the old way. After you have typed your comment, click the ‘Post as’ button and simply enter your name and email ID, under the default Post as Guest tab. Thats it!

  16. its a ok kinda theme……loads little bit faster on my slow connection………but its certainly not a eye catchy 1 as i speak……sorry sir but this just my opinion about the new look! :-I

  17. Thanks Andy.
    As is normal for me I got it wrong again 🙂 I can now stop sweating and can keep my morning fix.

  18. Well..the design does not look much different than the old one. But it certainly looks better in terms of clutter. I think it was more hotch-potch earlier…and looks more clean now.
    Keep it up.

  19. I really loved the idea of text being loaded and available before the images.
    Its a blessing to slow internet connections.

    What I didn’t like is the “too” white background.I think a darker shade of white will be an aiding to the reader.

    Nevertheless the new page looks more sorted and the adds and the “relevant” content is well placed !!!

  20. It’s refreshingly clean, responsibly organize, cool to the eyes and simply put together in the right places. FANTASTIC!!!

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