StartW8: A free Windows 8 start menu replacement.

Want your start menu back in Windows 8. Well you might not have liked the modern UI or if you simply want both the start menu in your PC. We have already seen several freeware to add start menu to Windows 8. StartW8 is the yet another  software that can do so for you. With this utility you can get a start menu in Windows 8 which is almost identical to that which appears in Windows 7.

StartW8 features

Though the installation process is easy, it contains a few extra steps. Once installed, the software occupies very little space on your system and while it is running it occupies very little RAM memory.

The start icon looks somewhat similar to Windows 8 logo. The icon is crisp, clear and it also changes its color when the mouse hovers on it or when you click the button. The start menu is almost the same as the Windows 7 start menu, it has all the options and all the menus properly aligned. The interface of the application is somewhat Metro styled and the blue colored start menu looks just awesome.

StartW8 can also make your PC directly login to desktop, rather than the Start Menu.

The most interesting feature I found in this software was that it also allows the working of the modern start menu. I mean that you can also access the pre-installed metro start menu and you can also access StartW8 start menu along with it. Some other start menu replacements that I’ve used just completely stopped the functioning of the modern start menu or start screen.

The start menu embeds amazingly into the taskbar as well as in the system. Once you’ve installed this start menu freeware, whenever you press the ‘Win’ key from your keyboard, you would not be taken to the start screen, but StartW8 will pop out.

This start menu is completely free of cost and it is an awesome start menu replacement. It has a bunch of great features, crisp UI and a lot of customization options. It was a great experience for me using this software, I feel that this is the best start menu replacement out there. Everything just works great.

StartW8 download

Click here to download StartW8 and get back your favorite start menu.

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  1. Jim Boyd

    It’s really sad when you have to use 3rd party software to replace something that should have never been removed from the OS to start with.

    Windows 8 is a joke.

  2. Jim

    there is a temporary hide Start button when right click on the Start button. How to bring the hide to show?

  3. Márk Soltész

    can i recolor it?

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