Squoosh is an Online Image Compression tool from Google

As the camera capabilities of devices grow, image sizes have generally grown recently. And larger the size of the image, the difficult it gets to load on devices. But you just not need full-sized images every time. There are many compression techniques available that can scale down or reduce the size of your images without sacrificing the quality. Google has laumched a new experimental tool called Squoosh is a powerful image compression tool that runs right from your browser and can help you reduce the size of your images. It supports many advanced and modern encoders such as MozJPEG and WebP.

Squoosh – Online Image Compression tool

Squoosh - Online Image Compression tool

The app has one simple aim, to make the images load faster on web pages. And reducing the image’s size is the right direction to proceed in. The app runs entirely from the browser, even though it is carrying out heavy operations in the background.

Using Squoosh is easy. You can upload or simply drag and drop an image inside the application. Or if you just want to test it out, you can choose one of the default images available. Once the image is uploaded, you’ll be taken to the next screen where you can adjust the options and compress your image.

Something unique to Squoosh is that it works in real-time. The changes are reflected as soon as you start adjusting options. There are two identical preview panes so that you can compare your image with its other compressed/uncompressed variants. By default, the left pane would display your original image.

In every pane, there is a dialog box that will tell you the actual size of the image being previewed. This lets you easily compare sizes between the two variants. The tool can also calculate net percentage difference in size of both the images for a better sense of comparison.

The tool offers quite a few options. The first one being the resize, you can resize your images by entering new dimensions in the text boxes that follow. There is also an option to maintain aspect ratio, and furthermore, you can even decide the resize method.

The second feature that Squoosh has to offer is Reduce palette. You can reduce the number of colors and adjust dithering as per your image and see if it has any effects on the size of the image.

The last option that the tool has to offer is the quality adjustment. You can adjust the slider to get the desired amount of quality and perfect image size.

Squoosh just does not stop here; there is an additional checkbox that will enable Advanced Options for you. Don’t be surprised if you get advanced and technical terms under advanced options. You can adjust advanced settings if you understand them or just let the tool do it for you.

Once you’ve adjusted all the settings, there is a download button adjacent to the image’s size. Click that button to download your compressed image and you are done.

Squoosh is a great tool all in all. You can use it to compress all your pictures before posting them anywhere on the internet. The reduced size of images ensures less loading time and improves the overall browsing experience. Plus, the tool offers a good set of features which makes it a complete package. Also, the real-time editing experience is something unique and gives this tool a fresh outlook. Go here to use Squoosh.

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