Scan your LAN with Slitheris Network Discovery for Windows

With more and more devices coming up with Wi-Fi capabilities, LANs has seen a tremendous increase in connected devices. Earlier there were only phones and laptops with Wi-Fi capabilities. But today we have Cameras, eBook Readers, Streaming Sticks, small IOT devices and what not. While troubleshooting a network issue, we usually need to view the connected network devices.

Slitheris Network Discovery is a tool that lets you view all the devices that are connected to your local area network. Although DHCP Client List feature is available on some routers, not all routers support it and it lacks many details.

Slitheris Network Discovery

Slitheris Network Discovery

Slitheris Network Discovery is pretty easy to use and you can easily get going. Once installed and running, the tool will automatically scan the network for connected devices. After the scan is complete, the tool will ping the devices and will try to obtain some other information.

The Ping Sweep and the IP Map provides you with a great graphical illustration about the actual working of the tool. You can see the status of devices marked with different colors. Green for live and pingable, pink for hidden and unpingable and the gray for open. All the devices that did not respond to pings are marked with a special ruby icon as an indication.

All the devices are grouped into their IP range and displayed in a neatly ordered list. Not just the IP address, Slitheris Network Discover can fetch a lot more details than that. The list of details is as follows, note that the program does not guarantee the correctness of the details. All it does is tries to get maximum of them correct and you will be surprised to find most of them correctly placed.

  • Device IP
  • MAC Address
  • Device Type
  • Operating System with Build Number
  • Brand
  • Estimated Manufacture Year
  • SMB Security
  • Other operating system related details

The extensive details displayed by the tool can help you easily identify any unwanted devices in the network. And take any action accordingly to remove or restrict those devices. While you can scan all IP ranges, you can also add an IP range manually.

You can also export the scan results as a CSV file for future reference or for sending purpose. And you can even create a portable version of the utility from within the utility itself.

Slitheris Network Discovery is a great network discovery tool. If your router does not have a DHCP client list feature or if you just want to enthusiastically view the connected devices, this tool is a must have. A simple and clean tool that can do a lot. It can potentially help you identify any unwanted devices.

The tool is available free of cost with some limitations. The free version lets you discover only up to 25 devices connected to the network. The limit is pretty decent for basic users where the network is not that large to accommodate more than 25 devices. To use the tool with more than 25 devices, you need to purchase a paid license.

Click here to download Slitheris Network Discovery.

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  1. Juan Figueroa

    Sounds like an awesome tool, thanks for the article about Slitheris. I have WiFi Guard, but it looks simpler comparing to this one.

  2. LiveJoX

    What about a Mac application (macOS)?

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