How to share a Screenshot online with these tools

If you want to share or paste a screenshot online with friends or create a URL to send a screenshot to someone, these online tools will help you do so. Instead of uploading the image to Facebook or any cloud storage, you can use these free tools to upload or share screenshots with anybody.

Share or Paste Screenshot online

1] Snaggy

Share or Paste Screenshot online

Snaggy is the easiest way to grab a URL for your image that you can send anybody over email or chat. Although it doesn’t require any account to share screenshot online with friends, you can create an account to manage all the previously uploaded images. To use this tool, you need to press Alt + Print Screen button. After that, open the Snaggy website and press Ctrl + V to paste that. Right after that, you would get a URL that you can use to send that screenshot. It doesn’t matter whether you have assigned Print Screen button to any other software or not; this trick would work undoubtedly.

2] LightShot

LightShot apart from being an online tool offers a desktop application as well as a Chrome browser add-on that helps users to send a screenshot to anybody via IM or email. Like Snaggy, you would get a URL that you can use to represent your screenshot. If you use the browser extension, you would be able to send only the browser’s screenshot. However, if you use the LightShot website, you will be able to send any screenshot or image to anybody. Just visit the LightShot homepage and upload your picture. Following that, you will get a unique URL that you can send to anyone.

3] Awesome Screenshot

AwesomeScreenshot is another popular Chrome browser extension that lets you capture screenshots and record the browser window for as long as you want. The drawback is that it is available for Chrome browser only. Using this extension is very easy and understanding the workflow is not that difficult. It offers users to save the screenshot to the computer. However, you need to Upload the image to send it to someone. When you upload it, you get a URL which you can send to anybody.


When it comes to a great user interface with some useful features to upload screenshots online, this tool has it all. You can download the launcher that works via the browser, or you can download the software for Windows to do it. If you want to use the browser-based solution, head over to the website and click on Take Screenshot button. It will let you download and install the launcher. After that, you can press Ctrl+D to capture a screenshot and then press Ctrl+U to upload it. After that, you will find a unique URL. The best part is you can password-protect your screenshot as well.

5] Print Screen Shot

PrintScreenShot is a pretty basic tool to share screenshots online. It uses Imgur to create a unique link for your image. This web app works something like Snaggy. You need to press either Alt+PrintScreen or the PrintScreen button to capture a screenshot. Following that, open their website and press Ctrl+V. You will find an option to Save/Share online. Click on that button to get the unique link.

Hope these tools will help you to capture, paste and share screenshots online with anyone you want.

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