What are the Salaries at Google?

I was just browsing across Facebook when a news article caught my attention. It mentioned about the facilities one gets when working at Google. I did a little research, studied Glassdoor survey and here is the summary of salaries at Google. Please note that the figures are not exact but averages as Glassdoor takes into account the salaries of different individuals working on a post and calculates the averages. That also means that the below are not fixed salaries and you may get more or less, depending upon your performance – in the job interview and later in the job. Also, these are just salaries and I’ve not included the additional perks like bonuses etc.

Google salaries

Salaries at Google

Senior Software Engineers – Software engineers are backbone of Google. And it treats them well. While the get all the free facilities available across different posts – like food, play rooms, laundry etc. -, it pays them in the range of $139,084. That is, the average salary of a senior programmer at Google is almost $140,000.

Research Scientists – Google has taken up some “off the computer” projects such as the driverless cars. These tasks need research scientists who are good at researching and getting things done. The approx salary for research scientists at Google is around $130,000. Again, this figure does not include any additional perks.

Product Managers – Product managers are the ones who try hard to make Google products, a success. They have the task of interacting with almost everyone involved with a product, getting the product off the ground and even marketing it properly. Though the salaries of product managers may be based on the type of projects they are handling, the average salary of a product manager at Google is $120,000.

Hardware Research Engineers – They are different from research scientists and are employed based on particular skill sets. They look over the task of making it easier to deal with the hardware side of products and projects. The average salary of research engineers at Google is approx $118,000.

Software Research Engineers – Again, these too are hired based on different skill sets. The salary may vary for different skill sets but the average salary of software research engineers at Google is $117,000

Product Marketing Managers – As the title suggests, they are into marketing different products. They may be handling a single product or more than one product – depending upon the requirements of Google. The average salary of Product Marketing Managers at Google is $107,000.

Financial Analysts – Google needs to keep a tab on what it is earning via different products, which products are giving it profits and which ones need attention. For the purpose, it needs financial analysts who may be handling one or more products. The average salary for financial analysts at Google is $105,000 in addition to the other perks like bonus and free stuff.

Database Administrator – You won’t disagree to the fact that Google has vast databases that have to be managed properly so that the search engines and other products do not make mistakes. The work of database admins at Google could be tough or easier based on the database(s) they are handling. The average salary of a database administrator at Google is $95,000. This looks a little smaller when compared to the work they have to do. But since I am not an insider, I will leave it for Google employees and others to figure it out if the salary is less as I perceive.

Accounts Manager – All companies need Accounts department to check out profit and loss and for regular book-keeping etc. The manager of such teams, the accounts manager at Google earns around $90,000.

Software Engineer Interns – This is a section that I find offers much more money than any other company pays for the post. Software engineer interns at Google earn as much as $82,000 which is pretty decent compared to other companies.

Source: Glassdoor.

The above are not the only posts available in Google. There are plenty others. Check this post if you are looking for Jobs in Google.

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  1. vipul bharti

    What kind of job can a commerce student get in Microsoft?

  2. The commercial/financial aspect of the company is as important as any other. There are openings for finance staff: from bookkeepers to financial strategists. They may require some additional certifications or a good track record but there sure are opportunities.

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