Remove Homegroup icon appearing suddenly on Windows desktop


  1. I had this happen a few times. All I did was right click on the desktop and clicked REFRESH on the menu that came up. It was gone:-)

  2. This is my experience: I saw it come up after reinstalling a printer. I went through the options but it seems like Refresh is the best option and what I should have chosen first after discovering this thread. My best guess is the Homegroup desktop shortcut comes up after you reinstall a device. Microsoft probably does this for conveniences sake. The desktop has always been flaky though as it never refreshes instantly after something has been removed. If something is added than it does.

  3. homegroup icon just appeared on my win 7 ultimate sp1 x64 desktop. wasn’t sure how to get rid of it. step 1 worked great though

  4. I can’t believe I read all these crap ending up not doing it then finding the first comment I see the most useful. Thanks!

  5. Thanks! Windows 8 is terribly buggy. Driving me nuts… i even considered switching to a mac, its that bad :/

  6. What’s weird is mine isn’t even checked marked on my icons for my desktop when it randomly shows up. Refreshing gets rid of it but, it’s really odd that it’s there to begin with.

  7. I’m using Windows 8.1 btw not 8. So even after the patch (8 to 8.1) they didn’t fix this bug.

  8. Its probably to small to be observed,after all windows has allot of crap inside its folder 🙂

  9. You could do all of that, or you could just click on the desktop, and press F5, It will make it disappear instantly 🙂

  10. …or you could just leave the Homegroup via Controlpanel – Homegroup – “Leave the homegroup”…

  11. Thank you. Refreshing it worked but it still reappeared very, very rarely (once or twice a year) so I went through I made all the changes you suggested. I think step 4 will be the most effective action and will stop it from happening ever again. Thank you.

  12. perfect men thank you a lot this was an easy fix, good for me i always read the comments before i do anything! thank you again!

  13. if normal refreshing doesn’t work, you can
    > open the task manager
    > right click the “windows explorer” task
    > click restart
    it should be gone

  14. Used Helge Neumann’s control panel method at start of article – worked a treat
    – thanks! (didn’t see the ‘refresh’ tip below until now though – looks quicker!)

  15. I just press F5 and it disappears. But the funny thing is, in all the articles I have read on the internet about this problem, not one ever explains WHY! (it appears and disappears.) Does anyone know?

  16. Thanks Anand for the perfect example on how commenters feed the writer’s knowledge. Thanks for being a humble person and edit and then mention Helge Neumann’s simple solution in the article. You are a great man for sharing knowledge and being a humble person

  17. this same thing happens alot to my desktop BUT your instructions does not help. THE HOMEGROUP LISTENER AND HOMEGROUP PROVIDER in the services.msc DOES NOT allow me to disable. The disable or stop is shaded in grey…now what?

  18. Your tip worked for me too so thanks. The HG icon appeared right after a windows update which might be a coincidence.

  19. Much easier! I wish TWC would credit you AND put this info up at the top rather than making me search for it. I’ve been using Win 8 since it came out, and never had this happen until today.

  20. You didn’t read … 2nd para (only line) – “Before you proceed, read Helge Neumann’s simple tip below to Refresh the desktop – and make it go away.”

  21. Indeed I did read your entire article, including that very line. I simply meant that while your article twice states that “Helge Neumann recommends below in the comments that your Refresh the desktops”, it doesn’t explain how to do that. I then scrolled to the comments to discover the method (a simple right-click). I don’t think I’ve ever refreshed the desktop for any reason, so I didn’t know how. I feel that if your two comments above were embellished just a bit, they’d be that much more helpful to an average user. Thank you for publishing this article giving insight into this bizarre phenomenon!

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