Remove 3rd-party App access from your online accounts

I was casually going through my Facebook Settings when I noticed that over 80 apps have permissions to use my Facebook data. “Good for them,” I thought to believe more than half of them would be selling off my data to internet marketing companies. Facebook itself collects data based on your browsing. Access to Facebook means a lottery for third-party apps. It is not a good idea to allow almost any type of app to gain access to your Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and even OneDrive. This article tells you how to remove 3rd party app access from online accounts so that you are safer.

Remove 3rd-party App access from your online accounts

Remove 3rd-party App access from online accounts

The fastest these days to sign up for anything online is to use OAuth token from one of the existing social networking sites that you are already signed up. That means, when you are produced with a long form to sign up, you might feel tempted to click or tap the button saying “Sign in With Facebook.”

The action was taken when you click buttons like “Sign up with Facebook”, “Sign in with Google” etc. is that the site uses a token called OAuth to access your Facebook or Google so that it can read the data it wants. These apps tend to read your email, profile data, and maybe even your likes and dislikes. Based on that, either they can target their ads to you, or maybe they’d sell your data like those apps that sold user data from Facebook to Cambridge Analytica that helped Trump become President of the US (POTUS).

With your preferences and dislikes at their hand, these data analytics can also start to disinform campaigns that affect your decision-making skills. Now that is dangerous. That is one good reason you need to remove 3rd party app access from online accounts. Besides who wants their data in the hands of unknown people? I have long left the “Login using Facebook” type buttons except for a handful of trustful apps like SoundCloud, MailChimp, etc. Filling up the form to sign up is safer even though it takes a few extra minutes.

How to remove 3rd party Apps access from Facebook

Remove 3rd party apps from Facebook

Open and log into Facebook. In the top-right corner, you will find an inverted triangle. Click on it to get the menu. Click or tap on Settings to go to your Facebook settings. You will see there are options towards the left and related settings to the right. In the left sidebar, click on Apps and Websites. All the apps and websites using your Facebook data will appear towards in the right frame. This link will take you there directly.

You will see three tabs: Active, Expired, and Removed. They are self-explanatory so no need to repeat the information. The tab named Active shows what all apps are currently using your Facebook data. Next, to every app icon, there is a checkbox (tick box). To remove apps, check or tick the boxes and tap on Remove. When you click on Remove, you will be automatically be logged off the related apps and websites. If you wish to use those apps again, better to fill in the sign-up form rather than use “Login via Facebook”. You can see all the removed apps under the tab named “Removed”.

That explains how to remove 3rd party apps access from Facebook. Let’s check out other online services next.

Remove 3rd party apps access from Twitter

Remove 3rd party apps from Twitter

To remove 3rd party app access from Twitter or to see what all 3rd party apps and websites are connected to Twitter, click on your profile picture on the top right, just next to the Tweet button. In the resulting menu, select Settings and Privacy.

Tap on the option saying Apps and Devices in the left pane. When you do that, Twitter shows you all apps that are currently using your Twitter data – in the right side of the window. You can find Revoke Access button next to each app. For each 3rd party that you want to remove from your online account, tap or click Revoke Access. This link will directly take you there.

Revoking access will log you out of those apps. They cannot read your data anymore. However, there is no guarantee that they won’t use the data collected earlier – before you revoked access of the apps.

Remove 3rd party apps access from Google

04_Remove 3rd party apps access from Google

Open a browser and got to You will  be taken to a page where you can see three items:

  1. Apps using Google Data
  2. Apps using Google Credentials to sign in
  3. Google Apps connected to your Google account

Each entry is clickable. If you wish to remove any app from Google, tap on the corresponding entry. You will see details and an option to remove the app from Google.

Remove 3rd party app access from Microsoft

05_Revoke app permissions from Microsoft

To remove 3rd party app access, access the Microsoft website using a browser. From the main page of your account, select Privacy or directly click on

You’ll see a list of privacy items. Tap or click Apps and Services. A new window will open which will look like the image below (except that the apps on your screen will be different). Click or Tap on Edit to remove the apps and services you don’t want to access your Microsoft account data.

The above explains how to remove 3rd party apps access from online accounts.

I have covered the main platforms. If there is anything missing or confusing, please leave a comment.

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