Protect IoT Devices from Malware and Hacking using Bitdefender BOX

The current IOT era allows us to easily connect any device to the Internet. Earlier, it was just our computers and smartphones, but, today the list has expanded, and we can connect a wide range of devices, be it our Home-security Cameras, Smart TVs, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Lighting Systems, Fans and more. We can say Internet of Things has actually brought in a lot of change in our lives. The current era is just not about automation but actually about global access, simplicity and of course convenience.

While being connected to the internet has end number of advantages, the same also exposes us to many potential risks. Risk like someone attacking your network and gaining access to the IoT devices you use. So protection is a must and what if I say that you can actually protect your IoT devices from Malware and Hacking?

Yes, you can do it now using the Bitdefender BOX. Let’s know more about the Bitdefender BOX and see how you can secure your IoT devices with it.

Bitdefender BOX

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Bitdefender Antivirus, a long time trusted security developer has now come up with their own hardware solution for all IoT security, the Bitdefender BOX. This is a simple looking rectangular shaped device. This box might look simple bit its functionality is totally awesome. All you have to do is connect the Bitdefender BOX to a wireless router, and all the connected devices on your network will be protected from malware, vulnerabilities, and any other potential threats. Here is all you would want to know about the Bitdefender BOX:

1. Bitdefender BOX Hardware Specifications

  • Processor – Single-core 400MHz microprocessor
  • RAM – 64MB RAM
  • Memory – Flash Memory of 16MB
  • Connectivity – Ethernet and Wi-Fi

2. Configuration

The process of configuring the Bitdefender BOX is very simple. Set up the Bitdefender BOX, plug in the power cable and then the Ethernet cable, these need to be connected to the home router. There are two options for power; one can either use a traditional power supply or USB power.

  • Select Setup mode – there are three set up modes to select from, Automatic Mode, Manual Mode, and Bridge Mode. The mode of setup will depend on the type of wireless router
  • Install App – For configuration process, the user needs to download either the iOS or Android app of Bitdefender BOX from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store
  • Create a Bitdefender Account – For all the modes of setup, the user needs to create a Bitdefender account

3. Compatibility

As we said earlier, the Bitdefender BOX can protect every IoT device from malware and hacking. When we say ‘Every Device’, it means this device is capable of protecting each and every device connected to your network. Bitdefender BOX protects the network. Hence it covers a variety of devices, like PCs, MACs, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, and other smart appliances (smart TVs, gaming consoles, and thermostats). But again all these devices need to be connected to the internet via the home router.

4. Performance Impact

Bitdefender BOX does not really affect the overall internet speed performance except that there is a very slight impact on the speed which is because of the on-going scanning

5. Offline Protection Mode

This is one of the most interesting things to note about the Bitdefender BOX, i.e. it has an offline protection mode. With the offline protection mode, the user can protect their devices from malware and viruses even if when offline.

6. Price

Currently, the Bitdefender BOX is available only in the United States. The Box currently costs $129.99. The entire protection service is free of charge for the first year, post that the user needs to pay a yearly fee of $99. The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee of the service for those who are dissatisfied with the service.

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Protect IoT Devices

protect iot devices

The Bitdefender BOX analyses all the incoming Internet traffic for malware and threats. To do this, it relies on a cloud-based malware scanning algorithm. This particular algorithm is regularly updated. The update is made based on the research done in the Bitdefender Labs. This means the Bitdefender BOX already know the threat and also have the relevant information to protect you even before the threat reaches your computer. The user also gets instant notifications about the threats with the help of Android and iOS apps.

Bitdefender BOX

Vulnerability Assessment Technology

The built-in vulnerability assessment technology in Bitdefender BOX scans your entire home network to identify any weak spots that can compromise its security. If any security threat is detected the BOX mobile app informs the user about the potential weak spots and offers suggestions for promptly fixing them.


The Bitdefender BOX looks like a useful service for every active Internet user. It becomes even more relevant for those who have too many IoT devices which are connected to the internet. As we said this product is easy to set up and with the smartphone, apps management becomes a lot easier.

TIP: Freeware Bitdefender Home Scanner scans your Home Network for vulnerabilities.

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