PowerShell script does not run as Scheduled Task – 0xFFFD0000 error

The Windows 10 Task Scheduler is a boon for a group of users who like to schedule different tasks and automate them. I use it all the time to schedule periodic execution of scripts and some programs to ensure my intended tasks are performed automatically. Plus, being a preinstalled application, Task Scheduler is already available on your computer. But sometimes, I have been experiencing error 0xFFFD0000 while executing some Powershell scripts. I believe this could occur to any tasks and especially to those which have a file executed using a particular program. Like the PowerShell script, files use PowerShell to be executed. So, we will be discussing some fixes for the same.

PowerShell script does not run as Scheduled Task - 0xFFFD0000 error

PowerShell script does not run as Scheduled Task – Error 0xFFFD0000

This error is caused due to an  error in configuring the particular task.

To fix that, start by opening the Task Scheduler. Now, right click on the task throwing you an error and click on Properties.

Once done, navigate to the tab labeled as Actions in the new mini window that opens.

Select the action for the task and click on Edit button. It will open another, smaller window.

Inside the field of Program/script, make sure that the path to the executing program is properly typed. It should be set to the executable file for that particular program.

For example, for Windows Powershell, I had it set to-


You can also use the Browse button to navigate through Windows Explorer to find that particular executable file for the program.

And now, in the Add arguments field use the file argument followed by the path of the file to be executed. It should be given as-

-file "C:\Users\ayush\Desktop\Powershell Script Sample.ps1"

Click on OK in order to save it.

Once done, you can check if your task still throws the same error.

Trust this helps!

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