PowerShell Module Browser site lets you search for cmdlets & packages

The Redmond based Microsoft Corporation has successfully turned on the PowerShell Module Browser site. Earlier this month, the Microsoft Docs team announced that PowerShell Module Browser, a web search page for finding PowerShell scripts and information to go live.

PowerShell Module Browser site

PowerShell Module Browser Site

PowerShell Module Browser Site will be used by the users to find specific cmdlets or modules. Further, a search will provide the users with a description and parameters for a script. Moreover, the users will also be able to get the script itself, which can be copied. This search portal is organized in such a way that its users will be able to select a specific PowerShell package in order to search within, or they can even conduct a search across “all packages.”

You will no longer have to spend tens of minutes trying to figure where the right cmdlet is located, or whether a specific module is part of the PowerShell package that you just installed. All you have to do, is open the Powershell Module Browser and start searching, says Microsoft.

What is PowerShell

Windows PowerShell is an automation platform and scripting language for Windows and Windows Server. It allows users to simplify the management of their systems. PowerShell actually harnesses the power of the .NET Framework, and thus provides rich objects and a massive set of built-in functionality in order to take control of Windows environments.

Search process isn’t wholly intuitive

The search process in PowerShell Module Browser Site isn’t wholly intuitive. For instance, if a user wants to search for the Azure PowerShell Machine Learning module; then by typing “Azure” gives the user a list of modules to scroll though. The actual module called as “AzureRM.Machine“, can be found in this way. However, by just typing “Azure PowerShell Machine Learning” in the search box will not produce any results. The search window looks as follows:

Click on the drop down menu under ‘All Packages’. Here you will see packages such as Azure PowerShell, Azure Stock PowerShell, etc.

PowerShell Module Browser

Locate cmdlets more quickly 

The PowerShell Module Browser Site will certainly help users more quickly locate cmdlets. Microsoft’s announcement suggested that the site may also be helpful in figuring out “whether a specific module is part of the PowerShell package that the user just installed.”

What is a cmdlet

A cmdlet is a lightweight command, which is used in the Windows PowerShell environment. Further, the PowerShell runtime invokes these cmdlets within the context of automation scripts, which are provided at the command line. Furthermore, the Windows PowerShell runtime also invokes them programmatically through Windows PowerShell APIs.

This new website seems to be supplemental to the “Module Browser for Windows PowerShell ISE”, which was introduced back in 2015.

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