PianoRollComposer makes creating MIDI tunes super easy

Composing MIDI music is still a thing, so it makes sense for developers to create several programs for doing so. Now, finding the right tool is no easy task because it requires a lot of time. With that in mind, well try to help by testing a tool known as PianoRollComposer. This is an app designed with MIDI creation in mind, so if that’s your thing, we suggest to continue reading along because it’s not bad.

The first thing users will notice is how easy it is to understand what’s going on. Folks should have no problems adding notes and creating their own music, but as time goes by, it gets a bit annoying. Here’s the thing, creating a short tune is no problem at all, but when it comes down to adding more notes for something longer, Piano Roll Composer begins to do weird things.

Compose MIDI music with PianoRollComposer

When downloading the program, users will notice the first thing of how small the size is. The 32bit version is well under 1MB; therefore, even the slowest of internet connections should have zero problems.

1] User interface

OK, so the user interface is bland, and that may be a good thing. When creating music, we doubt composers are too interested in having a lot of distraction before their eyes, so this is good.

All keys are available on the screen, while other features and settings can be seen at the very top.

2] Creating MIDI tunes

It’s not difficult to create your first tune, even if you’re an amateur with no previous experience. The music will likely turn out badly for amateurs, but it’ll be there nonetheless.

So as stated, creating is simple. Just click any of the keys on the screen to get going. It would be best to have deep knowledge of the keys before going forward. We didn’t, so it was a random mess that turned out very badly in the end.

Check below the article for our finished product.

3] Adding a virtual keyboard

Some might require the need for a virtual keyboard to get started, and gladly, PianoRollComposer makes this a possibility. Just click on the Virtual Keyboard tab, and one should appear right away.

Clicking on the virtual keys will give you an idea of what things will sound like before pushing forward. Furthermore, for those who want to assign instruments, this can be done by clicking on the option of the same name.

There’s not much to say here in terms of the keyboard, so we’re moving on.

4] Instruments and Dynamic Effects

Compose MIDI music with PianoRollComposer

With these options, you’ll have the ability to change how instruments and dynamic effects work.

You see, when the user clicks on the Instruments tab, they’ll see a small window with the option to change active channels and instruments. It’s pretty straightforward from our point of view. Therefore, users shouldn’t have a hard time understanding it.

Not to mention, users can create their own instruments file, and use the plug-in option from under the File tab to import it into their music.

When it comes down to dynamic effects, then, it’s a feature that enables the creator to add effects to their MIDI music. This is very important for anyone who takes music creation seriously.

Once you’re done, just hit the File tab, then click Save to complete your music creation.

Download the tool directly from the official website.

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