Photobucket alternative free image hosting sites

Photobucket just updated their terms of use. They now charge a whopping $399 for 3rd party image hosting or hot linking. That is bad news for those of you who were using Photobucket to display images in your forum posts or elsewhere. Now instead of the images, you will see this image.

This unannounced change in the terms has caused several forums, message boards, social sites, etc. , to display images like this, as members who register to post, usually use an image hosting sites like Photobucket to embed images. It would have been nice instead if users were asked to pay for any future 3rd party hosting or hot linking as this sudden policy change has left several useful threads looking ugly and useless! Plus the fact that they are asking $399 now is gong to make many looks for alternatives. Had it been something reasonable like say $100, many might have chosen to stick around.

Photobucket alternatives

To those, you who are looking for Photobucket alternative image hosting websites here are some you can use instead in future.

Free image hosting sites

1] Imgur

Photobucket alternative free image hosting sites

When it comes to image hotlinking without leaving a footprint, Imgur can top the list. The specialty of Imgur is you can upload images anonymously, share them with anybody and without any restriction. You can upload as many images as you want and embed them on any other websites such as a blog, product listing, etc. Just copy the image address/URL, and paste that inside the <img> tag to show the image on any web page.

2] Flickr

Photobucket alternative free image hosting sites

Flickr is very strict about the usage, but you can still utilize this photo hosting platform as third-party hosting. However, if you think that your embedded image is about to receive a huge amount of hits, do not use this website as your content delivery network. Apart from that restriction, you will get 1000GB of free storage with the free Flickr account.

3] 500px

Photobucket alternative free image hosting sites

You can upload many photos to 500px, but you need to know the limitation. According to the rules, you can upload only seven images every seven days. That means, if you want to upload ten images to 500px account, you need to wait for the 8th day. The site allows you to hotlink your images on other websites – but this is quite tricky to get the image URL, though.

4] Tinypic

Photobucket alternative free image hosting sites

If you do not want any signup process to opt for Tinypic. It allows users to upload videos as well as images and embed them on any other website. You can get the whole <img> tag with proper image URL that you can use to embed that image in your desired website. However, if you create an account, you can save all your uploaded images on this website and use them later.

5] Google Photos

Photobucket alternative free image hosting sites

When you need top notch account security with high-end performance, you should check out Google Photos, which is being used by thousands of people from across the globe. You can get free 15GB of storage to store images captured by DSLR. If you have a camera or smartphone, 16mp or less, you can store unlimited pictures and videos on Google Photos. The best part is that there is no limitation on hotlinking. You can directly upload images from mobile devices as well as your computer, get the personalized image link, and embed it on your website, blog, forum, social site or message board.

There are several other free image hosting sites. However, if you need a reliable platform to store and share images, you can rely on these five Photobucket alternatives.

What do you think? Any suggestions or comments to make?

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