Review of Microsoft Office for iPad

It has been almost a month since Microsoft made Office for iPad available. The number of downloads of Office for iPad has exceeded all expectations. As we told you earlier, there are three Office components you can have on your iPad and they are Word, PowerPoint & Excel. These three Office apps give you unbeatable experience as compared to any other document creator or editor apps available for iPad. We have used the Office for iPad on iPad with Retina Display and it worked flawlessly without any crashes or bugs.

Among the three components, PowerPoint made us its fan because of its delivering a high quality experience in creating and editing .ppt files. Well, Office for iPad is free for you for viewing documents, but if you want to create new documents or if you’re looking for editing documents, you’ll need to buy an Office 365 subscription.

Office for iPad Activation

One year of Office365 subscription comes around USD 70 or INR 4000. However, if you have MSDN subscription, you can use it register for Office365 developer account. This will give you a personalized email address like You can use this email address to activate Office for iPad. All you need to do is to tap on Activate option in any of the three apps available, then pick Activate by signing in and now enter the email address as we mentioned earlier. In few seconds, after verification, you’ll have all Office apps activated uniformly on your iPad.

Microsoft Office for iPad Free Review

Let’s review these Office apps one by one.

Word app for iPad

First, the Word app which is the reflection of Word component available in the Desktop suite, lets you to create simple Office documents with pre-defined templates. Whether its a personal letter, your job resume or your exam paper, Word tackles them smartly. Word app contains everything that could be possible for an iPad as far as manipulation of documents are concerned.

Office for iPad

The WordArt text effects work in the same sense as they work for Desktop component. You can breakpage, insert tables & pictures, draw shapes at the ease of few taps and make your documents more stylish. The app has many useful fonts embedded in it, so that you create text in your desired typography. In short, the app could be a great substitute, if you’re looking to create a nice documents in just 5 minutes!


PowerPoint app for iPad

Moving on to the PowerPoint app, as we already mentioned its our best pick among Office apps for iPad. Reason behind this thinking is the cool creativity you can explore with it. With it, creating slide show presentation never bores you and instead draws a great interest for the same. With the Text Styles section, you can make headings looking more awesome.


The Slide Show is as expected, works too great for the iPad. Using the Slide Show, you’ll find real value for your money which you invested in buying your iPad. The Slide Show effects are pleasant, in a single month I’ve run it many times and it never crashed or so. Obviously, you can apply the same effect to all or slides of your wish. Using Effect Options, you can set the ordinate where the effects should enter or leave.


Excel app for iPad

Next, let us see what the Excel app is offering you. Excel app basically concentrates on the business class people. Whether you’re at a shop or school, or if you’ve to discuss annual finance report for your company, the Excel app removes the hitch in creating documents manually with its pre-defined templates. You have to simply pick a template and make modifications to it, to make it relevant for you.


The cells can be colored or tweaked according to the width you need to put your content. Many functions can be operated using basic mathematics analysis; these include the trigonometric functions as well. The graphs can be inserted from the Recommended section under Insert tab.

Review-Office-for-iPad-5So, in the nutshell, Office for iPad is fully loaded treat for your documents if you don’t want to carry your laptop wherever you go. One question might be coming in you mind that how you will move the created documents from iPad to your Windows laptop? Well, Office for iPad gives you the option to save documents to your OneDrive (Microsoft account), so you can use the same account on your Windows operating system to extract your documents.

Office for iPad free download

You can download the Office for iPad app free from the Apple Store. As mentioned earlier, you can use it free for viewing Office documents, but if you want to create new documents or if you’re looking for editing documents, you’ll need to buy an Office 365 subscription. You can also download the Office for iPad Product Guide from Microsoft.

Hope you’ll enjoy Office for iPad!

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