Nine Nostalgic Tech Sounds you probably haven’t heard in years

If you started using the internet right from when it started, I am sure you have heard the music of dial-up modem connecting to the internet. Technology has skyrocketed, and we don’t get to listen to sounds like those now. So here is a post which lets you experience nine nostalgic tech sounds you haven’t heard in years.

Nine Nostalgic Tech Sounds

Nostalgic Tech Sounds you probably haven’t heard

The list includes some of the old internet gadgets and part from Microsoft including Windows.

  1. Dial-up internet
  2. Windows startup sounds
  3. Floppy disk drives
  4. Original Xbox startup sound
  5. Typewriter
  6. MSN Messenger
  7. VHS player
  8. Rotary phone

1] Dial-up internet

Beeeeeepdeeeeeeepzghhhggggghghfchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhzzzzzzzzzz. The tone used to be the only way to figure out if your phone is ready to connect to the internet. The 56 dial-up modem connection was the magical sound for so many.

2] Windows startup sounds

I grew up using a Windows computer. One of the settings we used to change was the Windows Startup sounds. The echoing chimes, and making sure to put down the speaker volume when we used to turn on the computer at night. Nostalgic.

3] Floppy disk drives

I started using the 1.44Mb during my college days, and only realized there were even bigger floppies with less storage space. It was used to copy programs and also multi-floppy disk data backup. Once you inserted the floppy disk, you can hear the clicks and clacks while it loads the drive and reads it.

4] Original Xbox startup sound

That is the sound of the first Xbox which kind of reminds me of superhero-The Green Lantern.  If you owned the original Xbox, I am sure you are already emotional.

5] Dot matrix printer

It is my favorite sound of all the time, even more than typewriter sound. We used to hear these printers screaming all the time during computer labs, and was music for many.

6] Typewriter

Probably the closest thing to the mechanical keyboard, I used to love the way it used to reset at the end of the line and gets back to the start of the next line. These keys took a lot of efforts, though.

7] MSN Messenger

When the whole world started connecting, chat rooms and messenger were used by almost everyone. An instant messaging app like MSN messenger. Sound for a new message, anybody coming online, and so much more. Messenger services were like a lifeline for so many people.

8] VHS player

I remember watching movies was so costly then, that we used to hire a VHS player and VHS drives to watch videos all night. The best part was rewinding it to the part where we left. The screeching sound that they made are pretty popular among the DJs.

9] Rotary phone

Do you know what we say DIAL the number? When telephones came into existence, one had to dial each number, and wait for the dialer to complete its job. Those solid plastic phones with the dial round whirred back and ended with a satisfying click.

I am sure there are many more sounds which bring back old tech memories. Let us know in the comments, and read more about it here.

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