NASA’s Eyes helps you explore the Universe like Astronauts

Why should only astronauts get to enjoy the experience of living in space? Because they are astronauts! But what’s the harm if the rest of us can at least get a glimpse of what it’s like? That’s what the developers of NASA’s Eyes had in mind while creating the app. Let’s see how far into space we can explore through this new app developed by the California Institute of Technology.

NASA’s Eyes for Windows PC

NASA’s Eyes for Windows PC

Things NASA’s Eyes shows you

NASA’s Eyes will notify you of all the special celestial movements happening in the universe. It will give exclusive information at the right time, something that you cannot expect from the official NASA websites or its YouTube channel. The app will let you take a look at all the natural and human-made satellites in space. You can call the app a kind of a space museum if you like.

You also get information about the latest NASA researches going on, of course, the parts that are not ‘classifieds’. You get to know a lot about the floating objects in space that you won’t get to know about merely from the internet. What’s awesome is, all this comes at no cost. Yes, there’s no catch there. The app is free. You can easily install it on any popular Windows OS. The installation is quick and easy, no rocket science needed for that obviously. But the operation of the app is easy too. You just need to treat it as an encyclopedia.

The different modules offered

The app has a three module format. The first one is called Eyes on the Earth. As the name suggests, this one deals with NASA activity happening on the Earth and within its atmosphere.Earth Now

The second module is Eyes on the Solar System. It extends the first module to the entire Solar System that we live in. It includes things about the Earth too, but mostly the things that have got to do something with the outer space. Every planet in our Solar System, all their satellites, and all the human made space objects are a part of this module.SpaceCraft 3D

The third module is Eyes on Exoplanets, which is, of course, the part that deals with planets and other heavenly bodies outside our Solar System. So, with these three modules, NASA’s Eyes embodies a lot of what we can imagine and would want to know about.

There are some additional featured modules that cover events that need special attention. For example, there is a module dedicated to the voyage of Juno to Jupiter, another one for Cassini on Saturn, and so on. Of course, the app does not have Infinity within its reach, but you’ll never have enough of it. All these modules together will make sure you have everything you can know about NASA, within your reach.

The app comes with various viewing modes, the option to jump time and get it all in full-screen 3D, with some really good animations. This app looks amazing for kids as well as grownups who want to become astronauts, and even those who don’t want to but love sky gazing.

You can download the app from here. It is available for Windows PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

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