Missing the Blue Screen? Use Blue Screen screen saver for Windows PC


  1. there is should be no reason to an OS to stop working because of a hardware driver or a bad program… then if so happened why to call it an OS. which should the OS control everything as a police man.. should guide the drivers and the programs. but they cannot kill it or stop it…

  2. The commands given aren’t working for me. Even with supplying domain administrator credentials. It says that it started with process id 1760, but nothing ever happens.

  3. @trm96 – I’d rather know WTH bonbonboi is talking about. there is should be no reason (sic) that my brain hurts so much when I read a post.
    then if so happened why to call it (sic) a brain?

  4. Last time I saw a BSOD, 5 years ago. I run PC 24/24 restart every 1 to 3 months. Grow up childs, don’t get killed by stupid downloads.

  5. if a weapon explodes in the hand of a police man… can the police man control the explosion or is it possible to kill him?

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