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Microsoft made an announcement in one of their blog posts that Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) has been commercially released. If you are hearing Microsoft Identity Manager for the first time, it is an exclusive identity management product designed to work with Azure-based services from Microsoft. Essentially it prepares Active Directory identities for synchronization with Azure Active Directory, helps you to reset passwords with the help of Azure Multi-Factor Authentication and provides dynamic groups with approvals along with redesigned certificate management options.

Microsoft Identity Manager

Along with the above said features, MIM adds great value in enhancing the security as it comes with capabilities like hybrid reporting and privileged access management to protect accounts of administrators as well as adds support for any new security protocols.

Microsoft Identity Manager

Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 is the successor product to Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 and supports identity and access management for premises-based computing environments, this version has exclusive support for Windows 10 clients. Although Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 is now generally made available, Microsoft plans to release an add-on deployment pack in next 90 days which helps automate the preparation of the privileged identity management environment said Microsoft Active Directory team in one of their blog posts.

Benefits of using Microsoft Identity Manager

Here are some of the benefits which Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 has to offer:

Common identity

With automated workflows, business rules and seamless integration with heterogeneous platforms across the cloud and datacenter, it simplifies the identity lifecycle management. Making use of one single interface which it offers, one could automate the identity and group provisioning based on business policy and implement workflow-driven provisioning. With the help of Visual Studio and .NET development environments you could extend MIM to support new scenarios and use cases.

Enable users

MIM 2016 acts as an one-stop interface by allowing users to self-remediate identity issues which includes functions like group membership, resetting smart cards and passwords, there by delivering increased productivity and satisfaction.

Protect data

The role mining tools helps you to discover and map permissions across many systems to individual. Use these role mining tools to also explore permission sets for users across the enterprise which could later be modeled and applied centrally. The in-depth auditing and reporting features provide increased visibility into compliance and the security state of systems across the organization.

Unify access

The concept of unify access is all about reducing the number of usernames and passwords which are needed to login. Groups could automatically update their membership, this ensures only people with right access can use right resources.

Microsoft Identity Manager features

To get started and to better understand about this product, it is important to know how Microsoft Identity Manager works.


You can start by connecting Active Directory identities to different locations like directories, databases and applications.


You can enjoy the privilege of exchanging identities among these locations, tuning them up if needed.


You can enable password, group as well as certificate management for your users with simple self-service that uses strong security.


Make use of Azure Active Directory Connect in order to sync identities from Active Directory to Azure Active Directory which helps deliver SaaS app single sign-on and self-service in the cloud.

How to Buy Microsoft Identity Manager

A Client Access License (CAL) is required for each user whose identity is managed as this product is licensed on a per-user basis. Also a Windows Server license with active Software Assurance is required to use Microsoft Identity Manager 2016’s server software as a Windows Server add-on.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite’s Azure Active Directory Premium includes Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 which makes it the most cost-effective way to acquire all of the included cloud services: Azure Active Directory Premium, Azure Rights Management and Intune.

Microsoft Identity Manager Pricing

The Enterprise Mobility Suite costs $ 8.75 per month. Purchased separately they cost per month around:

  • Azure AD Premium – $6
  • Microsoft Intune – $6
  • Azure Rights Management – $2
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics – $ 3.50.

Buying the suite results in a 50% saving over standalone offers.

More details on Microsoft Identity Manager can be found here. You can try the 180-day evaluation copy of Microsoft Identity Manager 2016, if your PC meets the system requirements specified in the product.

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  1. Gustavo Domínguez

    So, basically it fixes all of Active Directory DS and FS’s shortcomings, plus a little of SharePoint’a and Exchange’a, yet it’s still SOLD, or most likely RENTED at a steep premium?And not even that because it doesn’t solve the need for an IT department to file people on a system and it requires a freaking database, the very thing opposite from the trees directories are!

    How can Microsoft can still get away with this. Just this week I saw the CEO nonchalantly talking about how much developers could monetize user info and if users didn’t like it they could *cheapen* themselves literally to have worth enough for the companies buying. Are you kidding me, c’mon.

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