What does ‘Let sites save protected Media Licenses on my device’ do in Windows 10

Windows 10 roll out has been going on in full swing now, and one cane can find a several articles covering its features, capabilities, security – and privacy being important ones among them. Microsoft has always come clear on its data collection and storing activity – although some may tend to disagree about this. If you don’t like what Microsoft collects, the new OS even offers the option to users for opting out of such practice, should they find it as an invasion of privacy rights. the downside of this is in doing so a user unknowingly disables many of the personalization options of the OS that makes it significant. So, in this post I will familiarize users with one of the ‘not much known setting’ in Windows 10 – Let sites save protected Media Licenses on my device.

Let sites save protected Media Licenses on my device

A handful of websites capable of streaming music or videos use Digital Rights Management (DRM) to help protect against copying the streamed content. This may require saving data locally on your device.

As a user, at any given time can download or otherwise obtain this type of media while using Edge browser, the Let sites save protected media licenses on my device setting assumes importance since it allows sites that offer this type of protected media to save DRM data on your device, including a unique identifier (ID) and media licenses (which make sure you have permission to access the media).
This information is then retrieved by the websites a user visits that host the protected content in order to allow him to use that content.

This setting in Windows 10 is turned ‘on’, by default. To change this setting, go to More actions > Settings.

Edge Settings

Under Advanced settings, select View advanced Settings.

Edge Advanced settins

Then, under Privacy and services, turn the Let sites save protected media licenses on my device setting on or off.

Edge Privacy and services

Please note that ‘Turning off’ this setting prevents new media licenses from being saved on your device. Turning it back on will reset your unique ID and allow you to download protected media through Edge browser.

To clear the DRM data, including your unique ID and any acquired media licenses, go to More actions More actions > Settings, and under Clear browsing data, select

  1. Choose what to clear
  2. Show more, and finally the Media licenses check box.
  3. Please note that, Clearing this data will reset your unique ID.

Hope this helps.

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