List of IoT Devices & Gadgets that you can buy right now

IoT or Internet of Things is a relatively new concept that focuses on making all the different gadgets in your home smart and connected to each other. This not only consists of smartphones, tablets, and computers; it will also cover home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, and so on. Every big tech corporation in the world seems to be working towards this goal. Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Oculus Rift are just some of the programs we will see a boom in the future. But what is the present scenario like?

IoT Devices & Gadgets

Here is a list of some of the best 10 IoT Devices & Gadgets that you can check out right now. The list excludes computers & smartphones, of course!

1. Microbot Push

IoT Gadgets

This is not a specific appliance-based product and can be connected to almost any gadget in your home. It is a tiny robotic Bluetooth device that can be connected to your appliance. This enables that appliance to be wirelessly switched on and off. While this is not complete integration, it is an interesting step towards the goal.

2. Lively


Moving on to health-focused IoT gadgets, Lively is an interesting new player in the market. If you have a relative or close one who is elderly and lives alone, Lively can help you or your doctor keep in touch with them 24×7. Lively is a system composed of activity sensors placed on objects around the home that monitors the daily behavior of an individual living alone. You can place it on medical boxes or refrigerators, and it will detect all the activity and send daily reports to the connected individuals.

3. Angee

IoT Devices & Gadgets

Referred to as one of the first autonomous IoT security systems in the world. Angee is a small, cylindrical gadget that sits at your front door and can use voice recognition to know when you are the person coming into the house. For other intrusions, Angee has the ability to swerve 360-degrees so that you can view the entire scenario with the use of your smartphone. The only limitation of this device is that it can store only 1 hour of video (Full HD at 30FPS) on its storage drive, but you can buy extra cloud storage. It is currently up for pre-orders and will be available next month.

4. Nuubo


There are a lot of smartwatches and fitness trackers out there to help you with your run or workout session. But it’s too cumbersome to have these trackers fitted onto your head, your shoes, and your body. How about all of this already embedded into the shirt you wear on your back? Nuubo is a smart shirt that monitors a patient’s vital signs and movement during their workout and connects it to the smartphone app, which provides detailed reports spanning over weeks and months.

The shirt also sends data wirelessly to a server for data analysis where doctors can be informed ASAP in case of an emergency.

5. SG-1000 Leaf Sensor


This smart device is for all the agricultural workers out there. This nifty gadget can clip on to the leaf of any plant and provides real-time updates about the moisture and nutrient content in that leaf. Once it gets below the minimum level, the gadget will send a text message to the farmer so that he can then water those particular plants. This is a great and affordable device that can be used in places where water availability is low and every drop matters in terms of irrigation. It helps give less water to crops that don’t need it much.

6. Juvo


This is a sleep monitor redefined. Juvo helps you keep track of your sleep schedules, patterns, and variations by slipping under your mattress and handling all of this information with the help of motion sensors. Apart from tracking, Juvo also helps you sleep better. It coordinates with other IoT devices like Philips Hue and smart TVs to provide you with a relaxing environment while sleeping.

7. Mimo Baby Monitor


Have a baby at home? No problem. The Mimo monitor is the perfect IoT device out there that acts as a digital nanny to monitor the minute details of your baby’s activities while in the cradle. The company claims Mimo is a body suit that monitors a baby’s body temperature, motion and breathing patterns.

8. OKU


If you really want a tech concept to be recession-proof, make it cure the aging process. OKU doesn’t quite swear to that, but this skin coach is working in the right direction at least. The cube measures factors like skin moisture, oiliness, texture, and wrinkles, does a quick cloud-based analysis, and then produces a skin score. It also has cue graphs, graphics, and suggestions for lifestyle and diet changes.

9. Shockbox


This is a smart helmet sensor, made especially for usage during high-intensity sports like baseball, rugby and so. This IoT device uses sensors to communicate using Bluetooth to immediately alert parents, coaches, and trainers in the event of a concussion-level. Shockbox is also getting regular updates to be compatible with other outdoor sports like skiing and lacrosse.

10. Noke


Working with any iOS, Android or Windows device running Bluetooth 4.0, Noke is majorly a keyless padlock and is only programmed by Bluetooth (though you can also open the lock using your phone), though there’s a powerful IoT dimension, too – Noke can be shared with others, and the history can also be tracked. The great part about Noke is that the battery lasts over a year, so you don’t need to worry about it.

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