Interactive Anti-Bullying Tool for Parents and what you can do about Bullying

The Anti-Bullying Alliance has released an interactive tool for parents that give you information about bullying, the type & forms of bullying, group bullying, what you, the police or the school can do and more.

Overpowering or Bullying someone for no reason is a common, and sad event that is common. School is one of the places where it happens often, and it leaves terrible marks both from psychological and physical perspective. It’s not only important to know if this is happening to your kids, but its also important to educate them, yourself as a parent, and know what you can do to stop this.

what is bullying

It’s a general human behavior to take over someone either by using words or physically. Kids who bully around are as much confused as those who are getting bullied. They just do it because they can, and many a time the environment at home make them do it unknowingly. It’s also important for those kids to get their behavior sorted.

In this post, I am talking about what it means, what you can do about it.

What is Bullying when it comes kids

Bullying is a repeating event where kids who are either physically strong or smart with their words keep hurting kids who are not at their level. Even though kids who bully don’t have any idea how badly it hurts, it’s intentional because they think its fun. Usually, its done by a group, but can be an individual as well.

Some examples of Bullying

  • Making fun of appearances.
  • Making fun of their intelligence level or school marks.
  • Making them do their homework which usually happens with smarter kids.
  • Taunting them about their parents or friends.
  • Sometimes they are hidden as well. People spreading rumors, making them get ignored and so on.

In short, it can be verbal, physical or even online. Do check out more about Cyberbullying here.

How to know if your kid is getting Bullied

Nobody knows your kid better than you. A small shift from their usual behavior should alarm you. Even though it may not be bullying, but if you skip or don’t understand there is something wrong with your kid, it gets worse for the whole family. Here are some signs you should keep a track of kids:

  • The sudden loss of interest to go to school or college.
  • Spending time alone at some corner of the house or locking themselves in the room.
  • They are angry, upset, crying even on small things.
  • Running away from normal things.
  • Physical marks on their body which they might try to cover up behind a small accident.

How to prevent bullying

The first step needs to be taken by you, as a parent. Not every kid is smart or strong or even bold enough to withstand the pressure of the outside world. You need to make them stronger.

  • Assure them that you are always with them no matter how worse the situation is for them. Many a time kids are scared to tell because they are already insulted, and could feel the same reaction coming from you.
  • Talk to them every day, ask them about small things, that helps them to say the thing they might have been holding back because of hesitation.
  • Show confidence in them for what they do, even if its a small thing. If your kid has learned how to keep his room clean, appreciate it. These small things will boost his confidence, and he or she will withstand pressure in school in a much better way.
  • Team them the difference between Bullying, and what is a one-off incident. Sometimes people do without intention or even accidental. Unless it’s getting repeated, it’s not bullying.

How to report Bullying

Now that you are talking to your kid, its time to start making a record of the incidents he has shared with you. While it may look like a lot, but its an important thing to, because when you go out to defend your kid, you have some hard facts which neither school have nor the person bullying remembers.

Next, get in touch with School or college authority. While you may call, its always a good idea to go, and meet them in person. This shows you are serious about it, and school authority pays attention. Share the notes you have collected to them, and they will be bound to investigate further.

If your school fails on you, its time to look at their policies. Every school has a code of conduct which talks about how they handle it when it comes to bullying. Ask for a copy of school’s policy, and make a note of it.

Post this prepare a handwritten letter to School’s Head talking about the incidents, a copy of the list of incidents,  quote the policies of the school and give them in person. This should be enough to draw their attention.

Check out the Anti-Bullying Tool

To check out the interesting tool from Anti-Bullying Alliance visit here. Before you begin, you will have to use their Browser Checker Tool before starting this training module to make sure you have the correct system requirements.

Lastly, if you child Bullys…

This is as bad as getting bullied, and if this is the case, you should take the matter seriously. Becoming a Bully can take your kid on a wrong path in their life, and even if they don’t become bad as criminals, it does affect how they treat everyone else. Here is what you should do:

  • Talk to your kid, and try to figure out what he might be acting like that. Many a time its mere frustration of something that he taking out somebody else.
  • Take a moment to think how things are at your home. Is there something which your kid is learning from you, and just replicate it there.
  • Talk to your Kids Teachers for more details. Also get teachers in confidence not to tell about the meeting to your kid.
  • Sometimes, you might have to take medical help to get things sorted if things are very bad.

It’s important, and a responsibility as a parent for your kids. Do not run away from this.

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