Identify audio & video codecs required, with VideoInspector


  1. Or you could just install CCCP, and don’t have to worry about what kind of codec you need. And no, for the love of $deity, don’t install VLC or K-Lite or Ace or some other crap like that.

  2. the last post was 3 years ago and to this day the world of codecs is a joke. first thing is that most codec packs are made of mixed parts of codecs from different vendors. second is these are hard to make and usually low quality. third is installing a pack will not uninstall codecs in the same location ( the pack installer has no idea although it could ) the duplicate codecs will now make your sound wail like a banshee 99% of people think its the pack. you must first uninstall in locations where the pack installs. the item is unrecognizable and so is the location. even with a few tools available this is like changing them with tweezers and a magnifying glass. they are also extremely fragile and always broken. you should just be able to back up the locations then install a pack that intelligently uninstalls the others. the pack should conduct tests to that this went well. but no, no matter how high technology go’s this will always be the 8 track cassette of computing. its a specialty product and the proper vendors will try to rob Microsoft and the wrong vendors know that nobody knows anything about this.

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