How to use Microsoft Stream, a video sharing service for Business

The relevance of digital content, especially videos in our lives has been increasing day by day. Why? Videos offer one of the most innovative ways to connect people across the globe. How? It acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers both, large and small. it is this ability of videos that make it one of the most consumed and shared content types on the internet. To leverage the potential of this key resource, Microsoft Stream, a video sharing service for business was launched.

Microsoft Stream offers the easiest way to upload and share ideas with a company via videos. The ingenious app enables a person to organize videos into the custom channel to deliver fast access to high-resolution videos viewable from anywhere, on any device.

What makes Microsoft Stream different from other video streaming sites is that it creates a secure, encrypted video with no ads and no unrelated videos to distract its viewers. You can upload and share videos across your organization.

Microsoft Stream

Any individual can add a video by simply visiting stream portal and hitting the ‘Upload your video‘ button.

Stream Upload video

Thereafter, one just needs to perform a single step ‘drag and drop‘ action to upload a video file in the upload section provided right at the top of the screen. Stream even allows you to upload from your cloud storage account. You may click on the image to see its larger version.

Microsoft Stream

Once done, simply add a line of description to your video file and you are good to go.

Stram description

Next, choose who can see this video.

Stram video watch

When done, you are all set to publish the video. Hit the ‘Publish this video‘ button.

Stram publish

Now, trending videos will start appearing on you page along with links to the custom channel you created. Viewers of your videos can like the video or share it with others anytime and on any device.

Please note that adding or including hashtags in the description will help other users find video uploaded fast.

Click here to get started with Microsoft Stream.

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