How to edit Videos in Windows Movie Maker


  1. Great walkthrough! This is an excellent way for Windows Live users to brush up on the basics of video editing in Windows Live.

    Windows Outreach Team

  2. Thanks Kyler for the comments !! It encourages a lot !! Since I had come across many people wanting to have step-by-step Howto guide for removing unwanted video clips from their Home videos, I posted this.

  3. I accidently added music to a 7 minute portion of my movie when I didn’t want to. It’s now on top of wedding vows and other important dialog. I saved this in the quick save but not the save options at the top right. How can I get rid of the music without taking out the dialog?

  4. Hi Mike, What do you mean quick save? With the Save icon from Top left? If that’s so , it’s Save Project and will have file extension of .wlmp and check if your original file still be there.
    So if you open that project file (.wlmp) in Movie Maker, it’ll have the added Sound . While your original Movie, play it in Media player & see if it has the original dialogs only. Pl check and see this first . Else we will try with Edit options next.

  5. I am really grateful. I had been trying to understand all this without success so far till I reached this page. You have gone into great details to really fully explain the stuff. I admire your hard work that you have done to help others. Many thanks.

  6. This movie maker sucks! You can’t even see the video when you put it in the movie maker so how the shit can you edit it????? You can’t even tell what you did until AFTER you save it and play it. You should be able to see it as you edit it assholes!

  7. When I go to ”add music’ to the video it only put 38 seconds of the song up, even tho I have the full song, how can I put the whole song on the video?

  8. Can you pl provide more details? Which ver of Movie Maker/Windows? What’s the length of the video/photos of the project. From where are you adding the music?And what’s format of the music.

  9. I am new to use this movie maker s/w. Please help. after I add the video file, I am not able to see the frames as time line on right side. the video is almost 1 hour in length. Is this trial version and I need to buy this for the feature. Please help.
    best regards

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