Give your photos a vintage look with Vintager for Windows PC

We’re in the future but very much obsessed with the past; that’s how the human race is today. It is why we have this splendid little software that is capable of making our pictures look like they were taken back in 1945, by giving your photos a vintage look. The Windows freeware we’re talking about is called Vintager, and with it, users will have the ability to add vintage effects to their photos. There are several similar tools out there, but we like Vintager because it doesn’t require a learning curve.

Give your photos a vintage look

Give your photos a vintage look with Vintager

Just jump in and boom, you’re a master and changing your photos and your family and friends will look to you in a state of amazement and awe.

Installing Vintager was quite fast since we were not asked to customize complex settings during installation. Furthermore, it does not require other tools to work, so that’s another mark on the plus side.

First thing users should notice after the installation is complete, is the easy to understand user interface. It gave us quick access to essential features, which made it possible to use Vintager on the fly, something we’ve not been able to do with some of the competing offers.

When it comes down to loading images, we had the option of loading one at a time, or multiple by dragging and dropping, or selecting them from a dialog box. The selected images will then be previewed on the left-pane of the software. The right-pane gives us the tools we’ll need to conjure up some awesome magical effects.

It should be noted that various options are provided via different tabs, and when selected, the effects are applied to the designated image in real-time. Additionally, it is possible to preview images before and after, which is something we liked because we could look at before and after images for comparison’s sake.

Vintager also makes it possible to add 3D effects to our images. This is done by adding inner shadow effects to give depth of field. The option is also there to use different type of frames.

Now, apart from just making it possible to change the look and feel of images with vintage effects, users can crop, rotate, and change the size of their images to their liking. It’s not as advanced as some image editors, but that’s not the point of the software.

Overall, Vintager is a software for those who love to play around with images, and also for the folks who enjoy posting stuff to Instagram and other social networks.

Vintager free download

Vintager can be downloaded from its official website.

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