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How to get Stock Quotes in Excel

Most of us use Microsoft Excel in our daily life in many ways. We use it to keep track of tasks to be completed using color coding and people dealing with business, use it to keep track of products brought and sold and everyone uses it in some or the other way. Excel functions makes our job easy in minimizing the task we do. There are many built-in formulas and you can even create your own custom functions to extend the functionality. Apart from just using it for regular stuff, you can even pull or fetch stock quotes in excel. So let us see how to get Stock Quotes in Excel.

Get Stock Quotes in Excel

To fetch stock quotes in excel, you do not need to install any additional add-on to your excel sheet. You can use MSN MoneyCentral Investor Stock Quotes, the built-in connection of excel and pull the stock quotes.  I will take you through the steps to be followed to achieve this.

Open excel sheet and tap on the “Data” tab. Then, click on “Connections” which opens “Workbook Connections” and click on “Add” button.

Select “MSN MoneyCentral Investor Stock Quotes” and double click on it.

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Click on the “Properties” to open “Connection Properties” pop up. Check the option “Enable background refresh” and any other options as you require. Click on “Ok” and “Close” button.

Tap on the “Data” tab once again and click on “Existing Connections”. Select the connection you have just added now and click on “Open” button or you can double click on the connection.

It opens the “Import Data” popup and asks you where to put the data. By default it shows $A$1 (Cell ‘A1’) as the starting cell. You can even select the range of cells by just dragging the mouse over the cells and click on “Ok” button.

It asks you to ‘Enter Parameter Value’ and add stock quotes separated by comma. Check the options “Use this value/reference for future references” and “Refresh automatically when cell value changes”.

To refresh the data, select the cell that has data and tap on “Data” tab. Select “Refresh All” followed by “Refresh”.

It works with Microsoft Excel 2007 and higher versions including Excel 2013.. This is the easy way to get stock quotes in excel using MSN Money. You can even view and chart and news regarding each stock quote. No need to create any macro or add any third party add-in. Just add the built-in connection and it pulls stock quotes in excel simply.

Were you aware of this method to pull stock quotes in Excel?

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