Best free Podcast Directories to listen to popular Podcasts

Thousands of people create a podcast to share some tips, case study, and so on. There are many people, who create a podcast to interview someone, talk about some topic, recent happenings and so on. If you want to listen to some popular podcasts, you can check out these free Podcast Directories.

Free Podcast Directories

  1. NPR
  2. YouTube
  3. SSC Podcasts
  4. Learn Out Loud
  5. PodcastOne
  6. Podflix

1] NPR

Best free podcast directories

NPR or NationalPublicRadio website is probably the best place to find tons of podcasts at of cost. From business to art, you can find all the categories on this website. Not only the first introductory part but also the entire podcast series will be available for you for free. You can just head over to the official website, select a podcast and start listening to that. The best part is you can download any podcast as well. Let’s assume that you have a personal website and you want to embed a podcast. In that case, you can copy the code and paste that into your webpage to get things done.

2] YouTube

Although YouTube doesn’t allow you to download any podcast, you can find tons of top-notch podcasts on YouTube. From digital marketer to popular journalists, almost everyone makes a podcast and upload them to YouTube. The drawback is that there is no particular page, where you can find all the podcasts. You need to find out the podcast based on your demands. For example, if you want to listen to a sports-related podcast, you can use that word as a keyword and find out the podcast you want to listen to. Generally, you can find all the podcasts for free on YouTube.

3] BBC Podcasts

BBC, the British broadcaster has a very simple webpage, where you can find some famous and informative podcasts. The audio quality of podcasts is more than awesome. Not just English, but also you can find some foreign podcasts. It has some categories like Comedy, Drama, Music, Entertainment, News, Science and so on. You can choose any category you want, and you can find podcasts based on that. All the series of a particular podcast are available for free, and you can download them to your computer or mobile so that you can listen to them in the future.

4] Learn Out Loud

LearnOutLoud is yet another convenient website, which has a massive list of some podcasts and you can listen to them whenever possible. If you think YouTube is quite a tough place to find informative podcasts, you can use this website to find the best podcasts on YouTube. In other words, Learn Out Loud website uses YouTube to host some of their podcasts. You can find some categories like Business, Education, Language, Politics, Science, and more others. Although it has an option to download the audio, it may not be available for all the podcasts.

5] PodcastOne

PodcastOne has a huge collection of podcasts, and the categories have made it easier to find one useful podcast quickly. Whether you like Business, Tech, Games, Politics or anything, you can find related podcasts on this website. Apart from listening, you can download a podcast if you want. The only problem with this website is you may not get all the podcasts for free since it also offers a subscription-based account. However, the list of free podcasts is huge and equipped with tons of audio files.

6] Podflix

Before opening this website, you should know that you cannot listen to any podcast on this website. Podflix is a website, where you can search for and find new & trending podcasts. It uses various websites as a source. For example, you can iTunes, NPR (National Public Radio) and so on. However, if you want to find something new and different, Podflix is a useful website you can open.

These websites do not require you to have to create an account. There are several other websites, but most of them require an account.

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