Free online tools to create animated GIF files

One of the most popular pastimes on the web today, is to create GIFs and share them with the world. We love them because, for the most part, GIFs are entertaining. We’re sure many folks would love to create their own but lack the knowledge of how to do it. That’s fine because we’ve got your back on this.

Creating the perfect GIF is pretty easy, though it does take some time because you’ll need a video, an image, and the right tool to get it up and running. There are several tools out there, and we’re going to talk about some free online tools to create animated GIF while explaining how to turn a short video clip or image into a neat animated GIF. We take a look at and

Free online tools to create animated GIF

You’ll be showing off to your friends by the end of this article. They’ll be giving you cookies and milk because you’ll be so awesome.

Online tools to create animated GIF

As we’ve stated above, you’ll need a short video. We do not suggest going for a long video because that would defeat the whole idea of creating and sharing a GIF on the web. For the best performance and entertainment value, GIFs need to be short, you know, a couple seconds short.

After getting your video clip, you’ll need a program to turn gold into magic. We suggest playing around with web tool instead of an actual software because they are easier. We recommend Giphy, one of the best tool out there for creating awesome GIFs.

Giphy is awesome because it makes it possible for the user to upload their own videos or point to a YouTube URL. Bear in mind, the video size cannot exceed that of 100MB.

On the website, click on “Create” to get things started. This should open the GIF maker, a tool that allows the user to upload video files or add YouTube links. Now, if you wish to create a GIF from pictures, the option is there to upload a slideshow. Furthermore, there are other options here as well. They make it possible for the user to add a caption and other cool things.

The option is also there to change the duration and start time of each video. This is especially great for YouTube videos seeing as you won’t be able to cut the video beforehand. You can visit

While it’s easy to create GIFs via Giphy, an issue shows its ugly head when you’re ready to do this via a mobile device. Giphy isn’t ideal, and as such, we recommend This website is perfect for making GIFs from a smartphone and is ideal for YouTube videos. Creating GIFs via is similar to how things are done on Giphy, so there’s no huge learning curve.

If you are looking for desktop freeware to create animated GIFs, take a look at these:

  1. Screen To GIF lets you create animated GIF Image
  2. Create Animated GIF images from Video using Make GIF Video Capture
  3. AnimatedGIF is another free animated GIF maker for Windows.
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