Best free Guitar learning software and websites

Have you ever desired to learn the Guitar? Have you ever aspired to master those chords and to perfect the songs? Well then, Get your fingers on the guitar string and start tuning, as learning guitar is now made simple with online guitar lessons and a vast collection of music online sheets.

It is said that learning to play any musical instrument has a direct effect on our well being in a powerful way. On this note, it is worth mentioning that researchers have confirmed learning guitar has a cognitive benefit on human minds which will free open the neural pathways when you learn to play chords and music. So Awaken that music spirit in you by playing your favorite guitar lessons online.

While many of us find it toilsome with the complex hand mechanics involved when you hit your fingers for the first time on the fretboards of guitar, aspiring guitarists can now gain proficiency a lot easier with online classes and software at their disposal.  The online software and websites provide free real-time chords and music lessons to help all the aspirants ameliorate to the next level.

Free Guitar learning software & websites

These online software tools offer a large number of tabs of songs and also teach you to play your most favorite songs.  Moreover, these and websites offer real-time chords and lessons that will help to keep your spirits up and get back into gear. They also offer various lessons explicitly designed for a newbie guitar player and also offers rehearsal drills to make you a perfect guitarist. To make your journey of music a smooth experience, we bring you some free online software and websites that help you with basic lessons and practice skills needed to play better.

Justin Guitar

Free Guitar learning software & websites

Justin Guitar is a website that offers free guitar lessons. It is run as an honor system where you have access to hundreds of free guitar lessons. It is a super platform for newbie guitar players that provides detail online lessons along with the tutorials on playing the chords. The video tutorials are available on YouTube and Ustream as well. This site is explicitly good for beginners where they can develop the basic guitar skills by taking the beginners course for free.There are also intermedial levels, ear training, transcribing, masterclasses and many more that are suitable for all levels. Avail the service here.


Chordify is an online site that offers free music service.Whether you are a newcomer or a professional musician Chordify offers a bunch of chords that helps to play music. Chordify uses technology like digital signal processing and other complex technology that transforms music from all sources like youtube or private collection into chords.While some of the premium features require a monthly or yearly subscription, users can chordify few songs for free. Chordify has a huge collection of guitar chords that help you in cataloging correct cords for your favorite songs. Along with offering a bunch of chords, the site allows users to check on real-time chords as the songs play. Avail the service here.

Music Discipline

Music Discipline is a website designed to offer free music practice sessions aids in improving the guitar skills until you are perfect. The site is designed to offer a new exercise that is sorted by instruments along with the respective types and aids in tracking your guitar drills. The user can also automate the drill routine generator and also lets the user manually set up their own practice sessions. While websites like Justine Guitar will guide you to learn guitar for intermediate and beginner levels, Music discipline offers free practice sessions for your rehearsals for any of your instruments.

If time is the main constraint, then this site is perfect as it designs the practice sessions for the desired time interval to fit your time constraints. All you need to do is, mention the site how much time you have for practice drills. It also lets you alter each time for practice sessions so that you can balance anything that’s left behind. Avail the service here.

Have fun with your Guitar!

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