Free Chat Encryption Software for Windows

Chatting on social networks like Facebook, Google Services is too mainstream these days but have you ever thought of your privacy and security with such services? Some of these services have overlooked your privacy, but privacy is a must and everyone should have be aware of it. Today we’ve reviewed some free chat encryption software that provide you with an encrypted chatting platform with the best possible security.

Free Chat Encryption Software


cryptocat free chat encryption software

Cryptocat is a free browser extension that lets you chat securely with your friends or colleagues. It is very easy to use and gives you best of security and privacy. It is basically an open sourced encrypted instant messaging platform. It works basically on the principle of chat rooms. You can connect with a conversation, else it will be automatically created for you, which you can share with people, so that they can join and start chatting. You can have a group chat or you can click on any of the member to start a private chat.

Cryptocat is a useful extension and it is simple and easy to use too. Click here to download Cryptocat. It is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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Bitdefender Chat Encryption

Bitdefender Chat Encryption is another chatting encryption tool that lets you securely chat with your friends via Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messenger. To chat in and secure and encrypted manner, you and your partner must have install the Bitdefender Chat Encryption tool. To run this tool you need to have installed Yahoo Messenger v8.1 or Windows Live Messenger v8.5. You’ll also need to create a separate Bitdefender Account to use this service.

Click here to download Bitdefender Chat Encrypted.


X-IM is a free instant messenger that offers you secure messaging and chat. You can just send secure message to any X-IM user, and even if your partner is offline the message would be sent whenever he/she becomes online. X-IM comes with features like digital signatures and hash protections, that let you chat with your friends without any risk of exposure. The firewall compatibility features lets X-IM run on any type of internet connection. It will also be compatible with your system’s firewall. Overall it is a good and secure instant messenger with amazing features. It is available in both free and paid versions.


Click here to download X-IM.

These were some of the utilities that lets you chat with your friends in a secure manner. If you know of other good free chat encryption software for Windows, do let us know.

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