Use PowerShell to find scheduled tasks queued status in Windows 10/8.1

You can use Windows PowerShell to find scheduled tasks and get the queued status of scheduled tasks in Windows 10 / 8.1 and Windows  Server 2012 R2. Let us see how we can do it using the Get-ScheduledTask cmdlet.

Find scheduled tasks queued status

find scheduled tasks queued status powershell

Windows PowerShell is a command-line shell and scripting language, built on the .NET Framework, designed for system administration, IT professionals and developers. Windows 8.1 comes installed with Windows PowerShell 4.0 which hosts many new features designed to make its language simpler, easier to use, and to avoid common errors.

The Get-ScheduledTask cmdlet gets the task definition object of a scheduled task that is registered on a Windows computer.

You can use Windows PowerShell to determine what scheduled tasks are running in the background, says The Scripting Guy. To find the status of Scheduled Tasks, use the Get-ScheduledTask cmdlet and sort it by the state:

Get-ScheduledTask | sort state

This is useful if your Task Manager shows a lot of processes running and you’d like to see them.

You can use the following command, which will get you a list of scheduled tasks along with some information about them:

Get-ScheduledTask | Get-Member

This will list the Properties and Methods of a Command or Object.

You can get more details about the Get-ScheduledTask cmdlet on TechNet.

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