Features & Limitations of Windows 7 Starter Edition

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  1. Is it really true that Windows 7 Starter Edition “restricts” the user from personalization features for changing desktop backgrounds, window colors, or sound schemes? And I can’t attach a second monitor? So if I want to see a bigger screen with Starter Edition, I can’t? And there’s people out there saying Linux is limited in functionality? Are you kidding me? That is hilarious! It’s like David M Williams at itwire.com says about the name Windows Starter Edition, “Is Microsoft saying that people who buy netbooks are new to computing?” LOL – now that’s funny. No Thanks. I’ll stick with my GNU/Linux, and the FREEDOM to use an operating system how I want.. like being able to attach a second monitor and change my desktop wallpaper for instance. Really, FREE YOURSELF, Use GNU/LINUX!

    Get a real netbook, go to Dell and select “Customize with Ubuntu”:

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