Facebook Notes: When and how to create them

Sometimes, we want to say something that if created as a post, will be too long. I need not tell you that long posts are often a turn-off. Same applies to long articles on websites and blogs if they are not formatted properly to highlight what all is contained in the post. Another problem is that when you create a huge post in Facebook, you still don’t get views because it is totally monotonous from top to bottom. Facebook Notes offer you with facilities to highlight text and use headings so that your users can scan them and read the subheadings that they find appealing. The article focusses on when and how to use Facebook Notes for Facebook pages and for regular users.

When to use Facebook Notes instead of Facebook posts

There can be many scenarios when you should opt for Facebook Notes instead of going for normal posts. This applies especially in case of huge posts where the word count is more than 100. People tend to ignore posts that are large. If you have lots to say, there is the option of Facebook Notes or you can use a blog and link it. With the latter (blog method and links), users usually don’t like clicking the links for information unless you have written a compelling case in the post that contains blog link.

Long posts on Facebook are repelling because they are just huge block of text. When you are using Notes feature, you get to add subheadings, color, highlights, quotes, bullets, indents and images in the text. With these many features, it is easier for you to convey your thoughts in a (formatted) manner so that users don’t overlook it. You get to use subheadings so your users can jump directly to the text they wish to read.

When you have too much to say, or when you wish to say something with stress on certain points, it is always better to use Notes rather than posting directly to News Timeline.

Among other reasons why people would prefer Notes are:

  1. Many people I know have used Facebook Notes for collaborating; people create a rough draft and share it only with the people they intend to share it with; when the brainstorming is done, comments can be copied to main Note. Then the privacy settings can be changed to Public so that everyone can view it
  2. If you are digging into a hashtag and wish to collect information, the quickest method is to create a note instead of opening MS Word or whatever document editor you use; that way, even if you have to leave in middle of something, you can continue again from any other device on any other platform from any other part of the world

There are many uses for Facebook pages for Pages and regular users but the main reason is the availability of formatting tools that help you hold users for a longer time. Let’s see how to create and view notes.

Facebook Notes for Pages

Facebook Notes

While regular users can access and create notes from their profile, it needs some work for adding notes to Facebook pages. You have to access Page Settings. It will bring up Apps link in the left sidebar. Click on Add App next to notes to add the Notes feature to your Facebook Page.

After it is added to your Facebook page, you can start using the feature from the left sidebar in the Facebook window.

Tips to Create a Good Facebook Note

A good Facebook is one that attracts people and makes them read it completely instead of abandoning it midway. The tips to create a good Facebook Note are same as the ones that apply to blog creation.

  1. First of all, pick up a title for Note that will make users open the Note; Since the first paragraph of the Note is also displayed on Timeline when you publish the note, make sure the first paragraph covers what all can users find it the note or why the users should read the note
  2. Make liberal use of headings and subheadings – not too much but there is no need to be a miser either; Headings and subheadings should be self-explanatory so that people can parse the notes based on headings
  3. Use at least one image; I recommend using an image for header too; Like with your profile, you also get to add a header image to each Facebook Note; Use this feature to tell users what is the note about
  4. If you include quotes from anywhere, the best method to present it is as a quote-block; when you click on a paragraph or line, you will see two options towards the left: first icon is for adding images and the second is a hamburger menu from where you can mark the current paragraph as block, quote, heading, subheading etc.; Presenting text as bullet points will also remove monotony
  5. Include only what is relevant and leave out other fluff; if you wish to add something not absolutely related to the Note, you can type it down in Notes’ comments for review by others

If you have a particular target of audience, you can tag people in Notes and in comments section of the Notes. Using tags is a good thing to get some shares which will increase its audience.

Check Previous Facebook Notes

Though you can check your previous Facebook Notes for pages and individual users via profile, the better method is to check the Activity Log. Simply launch the Notes feature/app and on the right hand corner, click on the pen icon. It will take you to Activity Log and show you only Notes – in order they appeared on Facebook.

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