Download official and unofficial Microsoft wallpapers from WallpaperHub

One of the first things that a user sees when they boot up their computers is the Desktop. On a Desktop, the most appealing and personal entity is the Wallpaper or Desktop Background. Microsoft tends to release new promotional wallpapers with new product launches every time. After seeing these promotional images and videos, many users wish to get them on their own computers. These wallpapers include the ones from Windows 10, Surface Hub 2, Microsoft Surface Go, Ninja, Xbox, Gear, Halo and others. Now, these wallpapers are sometimes available as a theme in the Microsoft Store, but there has been no way to get those wallpapers on every device that the user owns and that too with perfect size. Here comes WallpaperHub!

Download official and unofficial Microsoft wallpapers

WallpaperHub hosts various fan art wallpapers for the users to download free, and they have been made available by Michael Gillett, a Windows Insider MVP, who said-

“In terms of when the PWA will arrive I am still working on that and when it comes there’ll be some nice additions to the app, I just wanted to share this new site with you as soon as possible. Stay tuned for PWA info.”

Download official & unofficial Microsoft wallpapers

Some of the major device oriented categories at WallpaperHub are:

  • Surface Book
  • Surface Go
  • Surface Colours
  • Surface Studio (Mountains)
  • Surface Hub 2 (Water)
  • Surface Hub 2 (Surf)
  • Surface Studio
  • Surface Hub.

And some of the fan arts inspired by Windows include the following:

  • Betta Fish
  • Ninja Cat Unicorn Windows 10 Hero
  • Ninja Cat Unicorn Bliss
  • Dragon
  • Fluent Background (inspired by Microsoft’s Fluent Design System)
  • Neon (inspired from early information revealed about Project Neon).

There are many such categories to get the best wallpaper as per your needs. And you can even get these wallpapers downloaded together grouped as a category.

One the top right corner there is a toggle to switch on and off the Dark Theme based User Interface. This is one of the most requested features by the users of the Windows platform.

It is worth noting that it is not an ordinary website and is soon going to be a Progressive Web App and that too inspired by Microsoft’s Fluent Design System for Websites.

We hoped that this awesome website comes to the Microsoft Store soon. Until then why don’t you look up for some wallpapers for yourself here at

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