How to download Music online legally

The music industry has changed significantly in the past 15-years, for better or worse. Today, it’s much easier to gain access to millions of songs just for a low monthly fee, but because of this, music CDs are close to death.

If you’re one of those CD guys who is realizing the times have changed, well, you don’t have to illegally download music. There are several free online music streaming sites available to folks on the web, and they are quite convenient.

Listen to & Download Music online legally

The ability to have your music playlist on almost any device, no matter where you go, is a wonderful thing to have in today’s busy world. So, to make sure you’re on the right track, we’re going to share the best places to download and stream music without a hitch.

Here is a list of the best free Music download sites that allow you to legally download free Music Albums & full songs online in MP3 and other formats. There are a lot of ways to listen and download music on the web, but only a few are considered legal, and we’re going to talk about some of those options today.


Listen to & Download Music online legally

Spotify is one of the best music platform available today. Folks can listen to music for free, granted they are willing to listen to ads also. By upgrading to Spotify Premium, music lovers can download their favorite tunes or listen to whatever they want, as much as they want to.

Because this service is available on multiple platforms, it’s very easy to bring your music wherever you want to go.

From what we can tell, Spotify is available for Windows 10, Android, and iOS.


Not many folks known of Jamendo Music. It’s a platform that offers over 470,000 music for free, and we do mean free of cost, no strings attached. These songs fall under the Creative Commons license, which means, you can download and share them as much as you want.

If you like what the artist has to offer in terms of the quality of their content, you can review their work or donate some money.

Don’t go in expecting music from any known artist, these are just folks who want to have their voices heard, and maybe get some recognition in the process.

Apple iTunes

The iTunes store for music is considered as the best place for listening to music due to its extensive library. It has more music than any other, but to get the most out of it, you’ll need to have an iPhone or iPad, and that’s a shame.

It’ll work just fine on your Windows 10 computer, but when it’s time to go mobile, that’s where you might come across a host of problems. Yes, it’s possible to transfer music to your MP3 device, but it’s not a seamless action.

Last FM

With the number of options, we have today; we do not hear much about Last FM when compared to the past. The good news is, the service is still active, and interested parties can go ahead and listen to their favorite tunes.

Bear in mind that Last FM is basically a service that is similar to a radio station, which means, it’s not possible to listen to only the specific songs you want to hear.

AOL Radio

Yes, we’re aware that AOL Messenger is dead, but the same can’t be said for AOL Radio, otherwise known as Slacker Radio.

Here the user gets the option of listening to handcraft stations, and the ability to customize their own stations for free. If you want to listen to music offline and at the maximum audio quality, then a subscription is required.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Yes, you can listen to music for free via Amazon Music Unlimited, but this is done via the radio option.  It simply means you won’t be able to select your track, just the selection pre-chosen by the Amazon team.

If you haven’t used MusicUnlimited before, worry not, because the interface is easy to understand. Not only that, since it uses the powerful Amazon servers, you’ll never experience buffer. Yes, the service is that good, and the retail giant should be commended.

Free Music Archive

The FreeMusicArchive is filled with all sorts of songs, instruments, and whatever a person may need. Despite having the free tag, the service doesn’t deliver low-quality music, which is quite surprising.

You won’t find songs from your favorite professional performers, but that shouldn’t be a bad thing if you’re a lover of music.


Listen to & Download Music online legally

This is a great place for listening to music from all sorts of people. Ordinary people and the famous tend to release music on SoundCloud, and guess what? Everything is free.

Not every artist who uploads songs will allow their content to be downloaded, but for the ones who do, you’ll see the option.


If you’re looking for music from unsigned bands or just anyone who wants to have their voices heard, then SoundClick is one of the best places to be.

The overall design feels ancient, but the content is good, so that should be a good enough reason to give this website a shot.

It has all the music genres you could think of, and each category contains hundreds of unique music.

Let us know if we missed your favorite one!

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