Disable Splash Screen in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint programs

Whenever you start any Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc, you get to see a Splash Screen first, before the program actually starts. The splash screen is required to fill up the time between the time the user clicks on the programs icon and till the time the program loads completely. While it is being displayed, Program Initialization takes place. Not only does it offer you an ‘x’ button to close it, should you change your mind, you also get to see details like the Add-ins being loaded, the path of the file, features being streamed and other details.

Disable Splash Screen Office

While one can still always use switches to disable the splash screen from being displayed, Microsoft has now added an option to disable it in the Office 2013 apps. In Office 2010, we needed to create special shortcuts using these switches, or simply type them in start search and hit Enter, to disable the splash screens in Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs:

  • winword /q
  • excel /e
  • powerpoint /s

Disable Splash Screen Word

If you wish, you can disable the splash screen in Word 2013. To do so, open Microsoft Word 2013 and click open on the ‘Blank Document’. When opened, click on its ‘File’ menu.

From the left-side bar displayed, choose ‘Options’.

Choosing the option will open up a dialog box. When you see the dialog box appearing on your computer screen, uncheck the last option that says ‘Show the Start screen when this application starts‘ from the ‘Start up options’ section.

That’s it! The splash screen should not appear on your computer screen, now as it has been removed.

Disable Splash Screen PowerPoint and Excel

You will see the option to disable the splash screen, in the same location, in Excel 2013 and PowerPoint 2013 too.

However Outlook 2013, OneNote 2013, etc, do not offer this setting.

Do note that disabling the splash screen will not in any way speed up the loading time of the application, so its removal in our opinion is probably a bad idea – as you would be missing out on some information being displayed – should the Office program fail to load. Nevertheless, since some people do not like to see the same splash screen every time, and since this time, Microsoft has given users the option to disable it, we thought of sharing this tip.

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  1. Nyk

    I just installed it on the 22nd, and this method does not work for me. Aside from the winword where I had to find it through this: “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office 15rootoffice15winword.exe” /q

    I actually had to find the Powerpoint exe and /s it.
    “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office 15rootoffice15powerpnt.exe” /s

    So I’m not sure whether it’s because I have the 2007 that it’s doing this, or that this a new thing they implemented.

  2. rarebook

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  3. Ge O'Tuhls

    This method does not remove the splash screen, but the start page with the templates chose.

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