How to delete or disable Microsoft To-Do account

Microsoft recently launched a new to-do list manager or task management app that allows users to take notes. The Microsoft To-Do app is available for Web, Windows, Mac, and Android. Although it is available for all platforms, its performance is not up to the mark, in my opinion, a compared to Evernote or Wunderlist. Evernote is somehow still better than Microsoft To-Do regarding features. If you have been using Evernote for a long time and recently moved to Microsoft To-Do app, and you regret making the move, here is how to disable or delete the Microsoft To-Do account.

Disable Microsoft To-Do account

There is no way to delete the Microsoft To-Do account permanently. This particular option has an advantage as well as a disadvantage. The advantage is you can get back to Microsoft To-Do whenever you want in future. The disadvantage is that you may not be able to remove a program that you do not like.

What you can do is you can disable the account access and hence, your To-Do account will be temporarily disabled until you reassign the account access permission. You might have seen that you need to allow Microsoft To-Do app to access your account while creating or enabling it. You can utilize the same to disable Microsoft To-do account within moments.

To get started, head over to this page of your account settings. This particular page lets you edit the account access permissions that you have given to various services and apps while signing up.

On this page, you will find Microsoft To-Do. Click on the Edit button.

disable Microsoft To-Do account

On the next page, you will get an option called Remove these permissions. For your information, you can find all the permissions that you have given to this specific app right above that button.

disable or delete Microsoft To-Do account

Click on that button to get it done. After clicking that button, you won’t be able to access your Microsoft To-Do account. If you like to use it again, you need to sign up from scratch.

One important thing you should know about this is your notes won’t be deleted even after revoking the account access permission. You will get back all your notes whenever you sign up in the future.

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