How to disable Microsoft Edge First Run Welcome Page

Whenever Microsoft Edge browser gets an update, it will display a Welcome Page the first time you run it after the update. If you would like to prevent Edge from displaying it, you could disable it using the Group Policy Editor or the Windows Registry.

Disable First Run Welcome Page in Edge browser

Using Local Group Policy Editor

Disable First Run Welcome Page in Edge browser

The easiest solution for Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise is by modifying the policies in the Local Group Policy Editor. Follow these simple steps carefully:

1] Open the ‘Run’ command. You can do that by pressing Win+R.

2] In the Run space, type ‘gpedit.msc’. Click ‘OK’. This opens the Local Group Policy Editor.

3] Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Microsoft Edge.

4] Double click the ‘Prevent First Run from opening on Microsoft Edge’ option and the click on the ‘Enable’ option.

This policy setting lets you decide whether employees see Microsoft’s First Run webpage when opening Microsoft Edge for the first time. If you enable this setting, employees won’t see the First Run page when opening Microsoft Edge for the first time. If you disable or don’t configure this setting, employees will see the First Run page when opening Microsoft Edge for the first time.

5] Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘Okay’.

If you wish to undo the changes, repeat up to step 4 mentioned above and then click the ‘Not Configured’ option.

Using Registry Editor

If your version of Windows 10 does not include the Group Policy Editor, you can use the Registry method to get the job done. Since a lot could go wrong if you don’t do this right, be careful. Follow each step just as it is and wait if you’re stuck on any level. Also, create a backup of everything important, just in case. Now that the precautions are taken don’t worry, this method is not rocket science either. Just follow these steps word to word:

1] Open ‘Run’ command and type ‘regedit’. Click ‘OK’. This opens the Registry Editor.


3] Right click on the folder named ‘Microsoft’. Go to ‘New’ and select ‘Key’.Registry method for disabling the First Run Page

4] Name it ‘MicrosoftEdge’. Right, click this new folder.

5] Go to ‘New’ again and click ‘Key’. Name the new key as ‘Main’.

6] Now right click ‘Main’ and go to ‘New’ again.

7] Now you click the ‘DWORD (32-bit value)’ option. Name it as ‘PreventFirstRunPage’.

8] Double click the DWORD. Change the value from ‘0’ to ‘1’. Click ‘OK’.

If you wish to reverse the changes, right click the MicrosoftEdge folder key and ‘Delete’ it.

Enjoy new feature updates without having to face the Edge First Run page again.

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  1. ScribbleG

    This will prevent the first run from displaying when a user actually opens Edge. Do you know of any way to prevent Edge from opening automatically as soon as a new user logs on?

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