Deblur & fix blurry Photos & Images using free software & online tool

Blurry photos? You might not have focused the camera on the object you wanted to capture. Or your hands may have shaken a little while hitting that capture button. But how to fix them? Out of focus and blurry photos can be easily fixed with the help of proper tools. This article covers many such freeware tools that can help you out in fixing all those blurry images and restore them to life.

There are a lot of different blurs that can creep into your image. Most popular being the motion blur which happens if the camera was moved while capturing the image. And the other being caused due to improper focusing on the object. These Windows software combine various algorithms to analyze and automatically fix such blurs. Although the images can be fixed to a great extent but the quality of the image cannot be assured.

Deblur & fix blurry Photos & Images

What really happens in a blurred image is that all the information just becomes redistributed in accordance with some rule. To deblur these images, all we need to do is find that rule with some assumptions and the image can be restored. All these tools are designed to restore all such images.


SmartDeblur is a great freeware to fix blurry images. Written in C++ using Qt 4.8. An algorithm based on several deconvolution technics, this software can completely deblur your blurred images. The program is pretty easy to use and it does not require any prior knowledge about images. All you need to do is load up your image and adjust the sliders to fine-tune the image.

The tool offers high-speed image processing and real-time changes. Also, it works differently for different types of blur types, so you need to choose the blur defect while loading up the image. The latest versions of the tool that include precise options and features are not freeware. But you can always download an older version (v1.27) for free from GitHub.

Robust Deblurring Software

This tool is an optimized image deblurring software. It can easily handle all those blurred image files and give you amazing results. Robust Deblurring Software comes in both free and paid versions. The free version does not allow images more than the size of 800×800. This tool can perform relatively faster than other tools because the code behind is optimized for CPU as well as GPU. If you have a NVIDIA GPU installed and if you can use CUDA, then the program would run in GPU mode. Otherwise, it can be normally used in CPU Mode as well.

Deblur & fix blurry Photos & Images

The tool can work with almost any kind of a blur. And blur kernel sizes for most natural images can be determined automatically. Also, the program supports larger blur kernels. You can recover the image with finest details irrespective of the amount of blur. Also, you can deblur an entire image or a particular area. Click here to download Robust Deblurring Software.


DeblurMyImage is a lightweight tool that can fix most of the commonly blurred photos. It can fix the blurs caused due to shaky hands or blurs caused by out of focus. There are manual controls available which can be adjusted to get the best results.

There are two deblurring modes available namely out of focus and motion correction. Also, you can choose deblurring methods between progressive or smoothening. The program works with all the popular formats and is pretty easy to operate. It is a nice basic tool. The free version does not allow saving the deblurred images but you can always take a screenshot and manually save them.

Click here to download DeblurMyImage.

LunaPic Image Editor

LunaPic Image Editor is a complete collection of image editing tools available online in form of a web application. One such tool out of them is the image sharpening tool. You can upload your image and then adjust the slider to get the optimum amount of sharpness or blur in the image.

LunaPic is a great online tool. You can easily make changes to the image other than removing the blur. You can easily add captions, adjust the position and use common tools like paint bucket and etc. The editor also maintains an undo history so that you can easily undo and redo the changes made to the image. Apart from removing the blur you can also add artificial motion or radial blur to the image. Click here to go to LunaPic Image Editor.

Photo Sharpen deblur image online

Photo Sharpen is a very simple online tool, that lets you adjust the sharpness of your image. Sharp images tend to be more clear and attractive than the blurry ones. The online service doesn’t seem to use any deconvolution method to remove blur from your image but sharpening images still work to some extent.

To sharpen your image, all you need to do is select the image to be uploaded and hit the ‘Sharpen’ button. The sharpened image would be displayed along with the original image for reference. Also, you can download the sharpened image in reduced size or in the original size. Click here to go to Photo Sharpen.

So these were some free tools that can deblur your image and fix it in a jiffy. The market of deblur tools is mostly dominated by paid software, but they work for sure. Do you know any other free tool apart from these? Do mention that in the comment section below.

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