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PDF file types very handy and are great for preserving the integrity of a document, but extracting a page from a PDF document can be a real pain if you don’t have a proper tool. PDF To JPG Expert is a program, which describes its functionality with its name – this program helps you to convert PDF to JPG images. However, the features of the program are a bit more extensive than what the name denotes because JPG is not the only image format that you can turn your PDF documents into. It can convert your PDF document into BMP, TIF, GIF and PNG image types as well.

The program is designed with the sole purpose of converting the PDF file into images. It can rather convert multiple PDF files to major image formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, PCX, GIF, TGA and 35 other less common formats. PDF To JPG Expert has a very basic and easy to use interface. It is a lightweight program and lands on your computer system without any issue. It gets installed in your system in a few minutes, and you can start using its minimalistic interface right away.

This freeware supports dragging and dropping of PDF documents to be converted, and the best part is that you do not need to install Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader on your system to use this program.

Convert PDF To JPG

The main interface of the program shows a standard window where you can add PDF file/files either by using your file browser of by ‘Drag-n-drop’ option. The program also allows multiple PDF files and so you can add your entire folder of PDF files by clicking on the button ‘Add Folder’. If the PDF file is password protected, the program removes it automatically and converts them to the JPG or desired format image.

Convert PDF To JPG

Furthermore, you can also set the resolution, color, image quality, and dimension of the images. It also allows adding greyscale, colored or monochrome image effect and to specify the output folder where you want to save the converted images.


You can convert the entire PDF document or can specify the page ranges you want to convert. You can add multiple page ranges by separating them with comma e.g. 11-15, 18-25, 30-50. From ‘Edit’ tab of the program, you can specify the page ranges of the PDF file to be converted, or you can just double click the PDF file to do so.


You can select the desired image format from the dropdown which includes the most common image formats. If you want to see all the 35 image formats, click on ‘More’. It also allows specifying the resolution and JPEG quality of the output image.


PDF To JPG Expert free download

Finally, when you have added all the PDF files in the program and done with all settings, click on ‘Convert’ tab. PDF To JPG Expert will then convert the PDF document into images in real time.

PDF To JPG Expert It works fast and the best part is that it preserves the original document layout and supports all versions of PDF documents. The software is useful and clean and lands no unwanted adware to your system; hence we recommend it. You can download it from its home page.

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  1. Tobias Reinhardt

    If you are on a computer where you can’t install any software you also could use an online converter like http://www.pdf2jpg.org. But you want have so many options like with the above tool.

  2. BenthamLEE

    Sometimes, we need to convert the encypting-compatible PDF document into easy-to-edit raster images, such as mentioned pdf to jpeg, as wel as pdf to bmp/png/gif/tiff.


  3. Sunny

    PNG, not JPEG.
    For PDF conversion you should use PNG format because it’s much much better for text, both in quality and size. Try http://pdf2png.com and compare.

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