Calmly Writer is a free online distraction-free Text Editor

You’d agree with me on the fact that these days there’s a tool available for almost everything; from complex video editing to snipping pictures easily – free online tools are helping creative minds in many ways. This blog could be specifically of much use to those who need to do a lot of writing. So, whether you are writing creatively, for your studies or work these online writing apps can help you stay a lot organized and keep you away from all the system interruptions – which ultimately lower your productivity. Today, we are emphasizing on one such great tool – Calmly Writer and it works on Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.

Calmly Writer - Online distraction-free Text Editor

Calmly Writer – Online distraction-free Text Editor

Calmly Writer is a specialized attractive online application that provides the users with distraction-free text editing environments. The main perk of using Calmly Writer is the fact that it provides a laser-focused approach to the users writing experience. Simply put, it highlights the precise paragraph that the writer is working on in any given point of time. Since it highlights exactly what one’s working on, it imparts enhanced concentration. Here’s a quick rundown on the features of this tool:

  • User-Friendly Interface: This program comes with a very simple to use, user-friendly interface that packs a bunch of power packed in-built functions.
  • Lightweight: It doesn’t demand any heavy software installation and can be used online.
  • Focus Mode: Highlights only the paragraph that the user is editing at the time.
  • Dark Mode: Allows text and background colors to switch. In dark mode, the background color is black instead of white. Perfect for those who prefer white on black.
  • Easy Formatting: User can format text simply by clicking or selecting the desired style. The tool is equipped with powerful formatting options like quick markdown syntax to edit headers, bold, italics, and bullets.
  • Spell check (via the browser).
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Formatting can be made using keyboard shortcuts or markdown.
  • Cloud Back Up: Work gets automatically saved every time a change is made. One of the biggest benefits of this tool is that work gets saved directly on Google Drive, allowing the user to access documents from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Import/Export: It can import and export to HTML, markdown, plain text, Docx, and Microsoft Word.
  • Images Support: Images from external sources can be simply copied and pasted on Calmly Writer.
  • Print: Easy export to PDF using a PDF generator
  • OpenDyslexic Mode: Enhances readability for users having dyslexia.

Full-screen mode, turn on/off typewriter sound, smart punctuation, and Word counter are other impressive features of this tool.

Using Calmly Writer

Calmly Writer can be used online for free. To view the Options Menu, click on the icon on the top left corner of the interface.

Calmly Writer

The menu opens up as follows:

Calmly Writer

You can, start a new document, open an existing one, insert images from system and external sources.

To enable Focus Mode, go to Preferences and check the option.

Calmly Writer

Enabling Focus Mode highlights the paragraph the user is working on.

Calmly Writer

To enable Dark Mode, go to Preference and check the option.

Calmly Writer

Well, the tool looks a lot better in this dark mode.

Most of the preference options like Typewriter sound, word counter, OpenDyslexic Mode, auto-capitalization, and text formatting options are available under Preferences.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Below are a few keyboard shortcuts that could speed up your writing:

Ctrl – Zoom out to get an overview of your writing
Ctrl I Make text italic or remove italic formatting
Ctrl U Get the HTML code of your document
Ctrl O Open document
Ctrl S Save
Ctrl P Print
Ctrl B Make text bold or remove bold formatting
Ctrl F Search within your document
Ctrl Z Undo
Ctrl V Paste
Ctrl Shift V Paste without formatting
Ctrl Shift Z Redo
F11 or Cmd Shift F Turn on/off Full Screen


The backups are stored both locally (internal database) and on Google Drive. To check backups stored on the cloud, users can go to Drive and click on the Recent option. In case backups are not created, it can be due to authentication issues, try to log out and log in once again from your chrome browser settings.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Calmly Writer is one no-weight online tool which allows the users to create, edit content without any system distractions. This online tool does come with minimal functions, but just enough to keep your writing work going as smooth as possible and off high quality. Curtail your distractions in every form. Use the distraction-free online text editor, Calmly Writer, to increase focus on your writing work.

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