BlueJay is a music playing, editing, and recording software for Windows

Audio players have come a long way, and these days, many of them are not just about playing tunes anymore. A lot comes with the features to record, edit music, and more. These things are expected due to the competition in the marketplace as developers try to be more unique. Now, just recently we came across an interesting audio program known as BlueJay, and it’s all about playing, editing, and recording audio. While we like what it brings to the table, it’s safe to say that the user interface leaves a lot to be desired.

BlueJay audio playing, editing & recording software

With a lot of use, however, you’ll get to use to it over time. Still, we wished it was more polished and user-friendly from the beginning, especially since we’re not experts at editing audio by any means. Bluejay is presented as a custom rack of audio components. Some components trigger events in other components, ex. DJ triggers the different media players for playback and control.

BlueJay functions:

  1. Equalizer
  2. Mixer
  3. X-Fader

1] Equalizer

BlueJay audio playing, editing & recording software

If your Windows computer does not come with its own equalizer tool, then you can take advantage of what BlueJay has to offer. If you’re not well versed in handling an equalizer, then we suggest taking your time to learn how it works within this tool because as stated above, the UI is not easy to understand.

Now, to make things easier, you can choose from a list of presets instead of manually making changes. Just click on the button that says Force to Standard, and select the preset you’re more interested in. Additionally, users can turn off the Equalizer by simply clicking on the Power button.

It should be noted that if there’s a saved preset located on the computer, it can be loaded into BlueJay, no stress.

As for the Settings, this is where folks will be able to choose the decoder of choice. We recommend going sticking tot he default that is DirectX Programmable EQ, but if you want, MPEG Decoder Stereo EQ is fine as well if your sound card supports it, which it should.

2] Mixer

This is the spot for the DJs out there who are interested in mixing some sick tunes for personal use, or on the dance-floor. Hey, it won’t replace a full-blown DJ mixer, but it should do the basics just fine. With this aspect of BlueJay, folks can boost the bass and boost the treble without problems.

Users can also record with a microphone or an external device. Furthermore, for those who want to record Midi, the option is there as well.

When it comes down to the Settings icon, clicking on that will allow users to hide features that are not supported by your hardware set-up.

3] X-Fader

You might be wondering what X-Fader is all about and should you use it. You see, it manages the transition from one audio track to the next. By utilizing the X-Fader, a variety of cross-fades can be programmed to add punch to track changes.

Most professional DJs around the world take full advantage of the X-Fader to get their music across to the audience. From what we can tell, all the necessary tools are here to get the job done with relative ease if you have previous experience with similar software.

Download BlueJay via the official website today. If you’re a DJ or music junkie, then you’ll like BlueJay!

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